Kyusho Jitsu Female Energy

Kyusho Jitsu Female Energy

Kyusho Jitsu Female Energy

OK everyone before you bring out the cross and nails and call me misogynistic let me explain the title first!  Back about a month ago I wrote an article called Understanding Kyusho Yin-Yang Theory.  You can read that article here if you missed it! Today let's take a look at Kyusho Jitsu Female Energy.

However my plan today is to look at the black half of the Yin-Yang symbol a little more closely. Today the focus in on Yin or female energy. I will be writing a subsequent article on male energy another time. And YES there is a difference!

Kyusho Jitsu Female Energy

The idea behind the Yin-Yang symbol is to show life as a whole. It is not meant to show division. Each side has part of the other half within it, thus making in a "whole." This is NOT opposites attracting, there are no opposites. They are just part of one whole.

I hope I am making this clear. It is a challenging subject to write about! 

Now when people do battle, most of the times it is men. Now before anyone get touchy this is just statistical fact. More males are involved in violence because they tend to be more aggressive. This is not always the case, but on average is true.

There are more men in prison for the same reasons. Women in prison are often not for the reasons of "violent crime" but other crimes.  Men are by nature more aggressive and women are by nature more agreeable. With the exception of the extremes. The science has been on this for a long time and have not been disprove. 

When Men Fight

When men decide to do battle it is "like energy" against "like energy."  This is one of the reasons that fights can go on a while.  The two combatants will feed off each others energy. Just look at a MMA fight!

But what happens when you complete an energy cycle? Watch this video below. This was from a class I did years ago on Yin-Yang Energies.  The ultimate demonstration of Kyusho Jitsu Female Energy! If you do not believe what you see try it for yourselves!

This is interesting right?

And I have never had an occasion I cannot replicate this effect! Kyusho Jitsu Female Energy, when added yields an remarkable result! Now, you are not going to likely ask your wife of girlfriend to come and help you in a fight. 

But is shows the POWER of energies and the addition of female to male energy. And also, you can alter this with your mind! Now if you are interested I have a really cool video from a previous course. You can read more about it right here!

Even this symbol has power! Print out one just like this one. This same setup.

Put it on your Uki's body and hit them with maybe 40% force on the stomach muscles. The turn the symbol upside down and do it again!

The result will shock you!

Understanding the Yin-Yang Symbol

In Conclusion

Kyusho Jitsu Female Energy CONCLUSION

This article will certainly not be popular with the narrative today that there is no difference in the male and female of the species.

However "feelings" and facts rarely have anything to do with each other. 

Recently I did a webinar on the principle of Yin and Yang. You can watch below or bookmark it for a later date. If you have any comment of questions you can ask here.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

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