Pressure Point TW-11 [Triple Warmer]


Pressure Point TW-11

* Pressure Point TW-11

Updated May 17th 2020. Today I am going to discuss in some details what is sometimes referred to as the "arm break point" Pressure Point TW-11. There is more to this pressure point than meets the eye and while the usage is seen in MMA rings, their results are not what they could be if the pressure point was properly understood and utilized. 

Pressure Point TW-11 - Location

This pressure point is located under the tendon at the elbow joint.  To activate this pressure point properly the hand needs to be facing upward with respect to the elbow joint itself.  Exact location can be found on a partner by bending the arm and placing the palm on the elbow.  When you close the hand the knuckles will lie directly on the pressure point. [North on the arm]

This Pressure Point TW-11 react to both a rub and a strike. Activation causes the muscles to release the elbow as the primary result and to release the shoulder joint secondarily. 

This reaction is why it becomes to very easy to dislocate the elbow itself.

You will see the arm bar used as a submission hold in various ring fighting events.  Leverage is applied to cause pain and or get a submission from the opponent. 

However if stimulation of Pressure Point TW-11 was or occur the elbow would dislocate immediately.

In the ring this could be done with the leg.

* Pressure Point TW-11

 However the injury to the joint is sever and would require surgery to repair the damage done. This pressure point works on everyone I have ever encounter in my years of Kyusho Jitsu Training.

In Conclusion

Pressure Point TW-11 CONCLUSION

This is an outstanding pressure point to add to your self defense system.

I have had personal street experience with the one and know how effective it is.

If you are in need of a solid, real life street self defense system have a look at my Humane Presume Point Tactics Courses at Kyusho Jitsu University

What self defense system are you currently studying? Does it include Pressure Points like TW-11? Please leave a comment here. Here is an update for this article via video! 

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Pressure Point TW-11 - The Arm Break Pressure Point for Self Defense
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Pressure Point TW-11 - The Arm Break Pressure Point for Self Defense
Learn all about Pressure Point TW-11 the Arm Break Pressure Point you can add to your current root martial art or self defense system. Read more now!
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