Pressure Point Spleen 6 – Triple Yin


Pressure Point Spleen 6

Pressure Point Spleen 6 - Triple Yin

Today I am going to start a new series of posts on different, and extremely important pressure points. And I will begin today with everyone's favorite, Pressure Point Spleen 6 - Triple Yin as it is often called.

SP-6 is located about 2 finger widths above the ankle on the inside of the leg. You can see approximately the correct area from the chart above. Now let us take a deeper look at this pressure point.

Pressure Point Spleen 6 - As a Setup Pressure Point

Kyusho Jitsu Spleen Meridian

One of the most common uses for Pressure Point Spleen 6 - Triple Yin is that of a setup pressure point for a knockout. Since the majority of neurological knockouts are done on the head this point works well for basic setup. Why is that? Because it follows a few principles which I will explain later. But it is also very far from the head and so causes the brain to become disoriented.

When you hit SP-06 the brain under most circumstances will not understand what happened. On a conscious level perhaps, but it is the unconscious we are concerned about. While the brain is trying to understand this the head is left in a weakened state. This allows for easier disruption of functions. 

Pressure Point Spleen 6 - What is Triple Yin?

The term triple yin refers to the fact that 3 different Yin Meridians are running through this very tight area of the body. Therefore when you strike SP-06 you will also have an effect on Kidney and Liver. So theoretically speaking you have "water, earth and wood" from this single strike. Earth being the predominant element, the other being much weaker. 

However the best effect comes from the reason above, which is the distance from the brain, and that the strike will always be unseen. 

Pressure Point Spleen 6 - Triple Yin - The Physical Effect

What is the effect of striking Pressure Point Spleen 6 - Triple Yin? How does it work? First the correct angle and direction for the strike is straight through like an arrow, using 2 Way Action of course! This will cause a primary release of the ankle causing it to give way and roll in the direction of the strike [From inside to outside].

The secondary affect is the release of the knee in the same direction. On a heavier person, who has his or her weight on the leg struck this will cause great damage to the ankle [break, shatter, etc] and a possible dislocation of the knee. 

This is an excellent option in self defense if the opportunity is present! 

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

This is one of the favorite pressure point especially for the novice student! It is not as dangerous as some other pressure points when attacked and is therefore awesome for demonstration purposes. 

Have you had an experience using "Triple Yin? I would love to hear about it! Comment here.

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Understanding How Pressure Points Work

Kyusho Pressure Point Activation

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Pressure Point Spleen 6 -  AKA "Triple Yin" in Detail!
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Pressure Point Spleen 6 - AKA "Triple Yin" in Detail!
A detailed explanation of Pressure Point Spleen 6 which is also commonly referred to as "Triple Yin" How does it work? How do you attack it? Learn More Now
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