Pressure Point SI-16 [Small Intestine]

Pressure Point SI-16 [Small Intestine]

Pressure Point SI-16

I would be remiss if after writing articles on Pressure Points ST-09,10 and LI-18 not to include an article on Pressure Point SI-16. They are all located in close proximity to each other, and therefore you are like to target all of them depending on the tool used to attack. And SI-16 is a VERY dangerous pressure point.

Pressure Point Si-16 - Location

Below is an excerpt from Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy

Pressure Point SI-16 is in the lateral aspect of the neck, on the posterior border of the Sternocleidomastoideus muscle [Below], posterior to CO-18, 3.5 cun lateral to the laryngeal prominence.

Pressure Point SI-16 The Sternocleidomastoideus Muscle

Striking this pressure point will often cause the person to laugh, however the possible resulting damage is nothing to laugh at! If struck on the left side of the body hard enough it can stop the Heart resulting in death.

A lighter strike can cause Heart issues in anyone with a disposition to Heart problems. Sometimes this pressure point is used in knockout demonstrations, but this is fool-hearty as death can result.

Save this pressure point for life and death situations! You can learn more about Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy here.

Pressure Point SI-16 - Effects of Results

As mentioned above if you are targeting SI-16 you will likely also hit LI-18 and / or ST-09 and ST-10. All of these are DEADLY Pressure Points with serious consequences for the attacker. In self defense people will often teach to attack the "throat." This is honestly most of the time ineffective. 

Why? Because the brain will instinctively drop the chin to protect the throat. But it will not do anything to protect this groups of pressure points. This makes them excellent Self Defense targets. A solid strike, with the correct angle and direction will end the attack immediately.

In Conclusion

Pressure Point SI-16 Conclusion

The more you understand about the potential pressure points you may wish to target the better your results will be.  

And these pressure points on the neck are good solid, easy to train targets. 

Question. Are there pressure points you would like to see featured here? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Pressure Point SI-16 [Small Intestine] - Deadly Pressure Point
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