Kyusho Attack Along Meridian, How does this principle work?

Kyusho Attack Along Meridian

I has been a while since I did a post about the 15 Principles of Kyusho Jitsu. But today I am going to explain and give details on the 1st Principles Kyusho Attack Along Meridian [Attack along the meridian]

The very basic idea behind this principle is to attack the meridian more than once. And as an example if you hit Pressure Point LU-01, in a perfect world you would then hit LU-11.

But LU-11 is just not one of those pressure points that is very easy to attack. But you could have a thumb lock.

However activation of the pressure point is not going to be optimal. But aside from that.

Let's really get into this.

Kyusho Attack Along Meridian - Beginner

For the beginner the results you would be looking for is one that is "predictable". As an example if someone grabs your wrist and you strike LU-06 this will cause a release of the grip to your hand, as the attackers hand will open. The pain level they experience will vary with how tightly they were hold your hand. 

Secondary reaction is the head coming forward and the front leg knee bending. Naturally this effect requires a decent strike using 2 Way Action. Below is a short video example of using this pressure point LU-06 with Kyusho Attack Along Meridian.

This effect can be further intensified if I was to strike LU-01 first. Now LU-01 is a VERY dangerous pressure point for several reasons. One of which is it an Alarm Point. However the example is all I am looking for here. 

Plus if I hit LU-01 on the other side of the body, the effect will be even more intense!

Kyusho Attack Along Meridian - Deeper Look

The above examples are based on the beginner level and the idea of trying to cause pain or have a joint release. Pretty simple stuff.

But a deep look would be to actually cause a prolonged effect in the meridian itself. When a meridian is activated it can remain so for up to 20 minutes depending on the severity of the strike. 

Kyusho Attack Along Meridian
Kyusho Pressure Point Activation

Here is another example. This is not necessarily an example valid for street usage, just how the principle works. 

You have a hold on the index finger. Stimulating Pressure Point LI-01 [Large Intestine]. Next to use a knuckle and strike into Pressure Point LI-20, which is the far end of the meridian. Following this will a strike to LI-10 will bring the Uki to their knees. The arm will become numb and it will be very difficult to open and close the hand.

LI-20 Painful Face Pressure Points

Attacking the 2 end pressure points on the meridian causes the energy to meet in the middle of the meridian. Then strike LI-10, which is the middle will yield a very strong result. This will also vary with the severity of the strikes to the various pressure points. And the resistance of the Uki. The more resistance the more pain/dysfunction. 

This effect can last up to 20 minutes. So in other works you can effectively take the attackers arm out of the equation for up to 20 minutes when this principle is used correctly! 

Kyusho Attack Along Meridian in Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

These are the basics of the principle of Kyusho Attack Along Meridian.

When this principle is stacked with other Kyusho Jitsu Principles like the Cycle Of Destruction and/or the 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle then the effects become devastating!

I also have an excellent workshop on the principle of Kyusho Attack Along Meridian you can checkout HERE. Thank you for taking time to read Kyusho Attack Along Meridian.

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