Pressure Point GB-31 [Gall Bladder]


Pressure Point GB-31 [Gall Bladder]

Today I will continue on our weekly discussion of Pressure Points with one of the most underrated, Pressure Point GB-31 [Gall Bladder].

Even many people who have never studied the science of Pressure Point Self Defense called Kyusho Jitsu will have a relationship with the pressure point.

The Pressure Point GB-31

It is sometimes referred to as the Charley-Horse point on the leg. I know in high school we all love to knee someone here!

Pressure Point GB-31 [Gall Bladder] - Location

The Popliteal Artery

The Pressure Point GB-31 is located on the mid-line of the lateral aspect of the thigh, 7 cun above the transverse Popliteal Artery "crease." When a person is standing erect with hands by their sides, the pressure point is located where the tip of the middle finger touches the leg. 

Pressure Point GB-31 - the effect

When the pressure point is struck, usually with a blunt object like the knee the entire leg will go "dead." The pain is "off the charts" and the attacker will be unable to walk. A knockout is possible because a solid strike can break the femur and therefore cause serious injury including death do to potential internal bleeding. This is not probable however due to the curvature of the leg at this point. 

And using a small tool such as the heal or a big toe, placed dead on the pressure point can cause heart issues. The reason is the swelling inside the leg, cause circulation issues in the leg. However this is very unlikely.

Therefore it is not considered a dangerous pressure point, but a Painful Pressure Point

In Conclusion 

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Now because of the almost guaranteed result when striking this pressure point it is a must for self defense training.

Therefore it is one you will want to learn and pay attention too! 

Do you train using this pressure point? Are there others you also really like? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Pressure Point GB-31 - Self Defense

Most of all it is BEST for a Level One escalation event when you feel the need to stop a potential assault dead in its tracks! Self Defense is not a technique but a mindset. Therefore it is always best to treat your self defense training as a separate entity from your root art. 

Personally I made this distinctions 20 years ago, and therefore made the adjustments then.

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Grand Master Art Mason
Pressure Point GB-31 - the Charley Horse Pressure Point on the leg
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Pressure Point GB-31 - the Charley Horse Pressure Point on the leg
Understanding Pressure Point GB-31 known as the Charley Horse Pressure Point. An article on the pressure point and its role in street self defense.
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