Dim Mak Pressure Point BL-10

Dim Mak Pressure Point BL-10

* Dim Mak Pressure Point BL-10

As I continue to discuss the various pressure points on the body, and what their purposes can be I will address one that is not often discussed. That is Dim Mak Pressure Point BL-10 or Urinary Bladder 10. 

How dangerous a pressure point is BL-10? Proper striking methods to this pressure point can result in death! Now I did not discuss this one in my previous articles on Deadly Pressure Points, but let look at this one now!

Dim Mak Pressure Point BL-10 - Location

What makes a pressure point potentially deadly? There are dozens of pressure points on the body that can cause death. And the reason is location. Depending on the area, their proximity to the related organ, nerves and arteries.

Dim Mak Pressure Point BL-10 is located 1.3 cun lateral to GV-15, within the posterior hairline on the lateral side of the trapezium in the origin of the trapezium and in its deep position in the semispinalis capitis muscle. 

BL-10 is found just below the Medulla Oblongata, which is the lowest part of the brain stem. It is about two centimeters long.

The nerve fibers cross here, causing one side of the brain to receive information from the opposite side of the body. This is the control centre of the brain for many vital bodily functions.

Dim Mak Pressure Point Medulla Oblongata

Dim Mak Pressure Point BL-10 - Affects

What are the immediate affects of a strike to BL-10. The first thing to consider is that strike this point on the body will result in striking BL-10 bilaterally. There is no way to hit one side without hitting the other. This always increase the effect!

There will be an immediate buildup of Yang Chi in the area which results in a feeling of disconnection and that the body is being deprived of air. The lungs will work, but the feeling of lack of oxygen will make the attacker feel weak. 

Dim Mak Pressure Point BL-10

A knockout is very likely to occur also from a medium strike. A hard strike can result in death due to physical damage to the brain stem. 

However a strike to area with a Ji Hand, or energy hand can result in death without noticeable damage to the area. Ji Hands are discussed in great details in the Advanced Dim Mak Project Course

And a delayed result is possible when used in conjunction with other pressure points such as ST-09 or CV-17. However I will not go into further details on this. 

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

The first thing I will say is that is pressure point is not to be played around with.

Doing so is grossly negligent now that you are aware of the potential consequences. So why would I write about this? 

Because education is always better than ignorance! Ignorance is not bliss, and there is far too much ignorance is our world today!

So are there any other pressure points you would like to see discussed? Leave me a at the bottom of the article.

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Dim Mak Pressure Point BL-10 - A very DEADLY Pressure Point
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Dim Mak Pressure Point BL-10 - A very DEADLY Pressure Point
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