Guide to Easy Pressure Point Knockout for Beginners

Easy Pressure Point Knockout

Easy Pressure Point Knockout: The other day I received a "Chat" request here from someone asking if I would write a detailed articles on pressure point knockouts. So today I am going to go into great detail on a specific Easy Pressure Point Knockout you can do right away. 

The video below is of a knockout done from a Yellow Belt techniques in my system of Hapkido's roots. The end result is a slap to the Gall Bladder Cluster, GB-13, 14, & 15.

I give a detailed explanation of what I am going, and then show the same knockout from a previous time. 

I did not knockout the Uki in this demonstration as he had not been feeling well. After I will go into more details for you.

Easy Pressure Point Knockout

Easy Pressure Point Knockout - Gall Bladder Cluster

This is a very good knockout for beginners as the odds of doing any permanent damage is ery, very low! 

In this knockout I am not using any advanced principle at all. No stances, no sounds, no colour, just the Cycle of Destruction

Let's break it down now!

Easy Pressure Point Knockout - The Wrist Grab

The easiest method of any neurological pressure point knockout is when there is already body contact like a wrist grab. This creates an electrical connect between the 2 people and makes the job much easier. And for this easy pressure point knockout this is the perfect setup.

When someone grabs your wrist you have a mix of fire and metal. But fire is winning because there is so much of it! Always remember we have 4 Fire Meridians

The Uki is grabbing my right hand with his left. In real life this is to setup a strike with the right hand. Which is why i will move in the Octagon to the outside. I use my left hand to steady and restrain his right hand, preventing him from letting go while I move to the 90 degree angle.

This is also very valuable when looking to access pressure points! [Moving to the 90 with Octagon angles]

Note I am using my LONG fire fingers doing this! Adding more "gasoline" to his already burning fire! 

Easy Pressure Point Knockout - At the Octagon Angle

easy pressure point knockout

Once I move in the Octagon to the 90 degree and while during the movement rolling my hand downward leading with my thumb I stretch the tendons of the arm, and elongate the Yin meridians.

This will cause the energy flow in the meridians to change, and the fact this brings the Uki to their tip toes alters the body mechanics of the situation.

Plus the brain from an unconscious process is wondering what is going on! 

Next I tap the Uki at TW-11 with my elbow top causing a fire to fire activation of Triple Warmer, after activating Heart and possibly Pericardium when I grabbed his wrist. 

So in the Cycle of Destruction what do I have thus far? The obvious is fire and metal. I have the Heart Meridian, Small Intestine, Triple Warmer and perhaps Pericardium. But do you realize I also have water? When you take a step, and break KD-01 from ground you create water. 

So I have 3 of 5 of the Cycle of Destruction!

Easy Pressure Point Knockout - The Gall Bladder Cluster

Finally I am going to attack with an open hand the Gall Bladder Cluster, which are pressure points GB-13, GB-14 and GB-15. And of course this is wood in the Cycle of Destruction, of which I now have 4 elements! More than enough for a knockout. 

When I hit these pressure points I will do so with an open hand, giving me fire and metal to wood, with a clockwise "chopping" action, plus of course 2 Way Action

At the very least i done correctly with all of the above and "intent" the results will be excellent!

Easy Pressure Point Knockout in Conclusion

easy pressure point knockout CONCLUSION

Now you have a recipe for a very easy pressure point knockout you can do in your Dojo.

Now please remember to be cautious always have someone spot and catch your Uke. 

I see far to often people being irresponsible and allowing the Uki to free fall. This is dangerous and reckless. If the Uke is injured it is also GROSS Negligence! Thank you for taking time to read about Easy Pressure Point Knockout.

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