Kyusho Jitsu Colour Principle

Kyusho Jitsu Colour Principle

* Kyusho Jitsu Colour Principle

One of the most fascinating principles of pressure point self defense is the Kyusho Jitsu Colour Principle. Colour has a BIG affect on the body, and often times people don’t realize it!  Colour has been used in the healing arts for a very long time. However they do also have their destructive applications.

Kyusho Jitsu Colour Principle - Good Guys Wear Black

Black is often in the western world associated with “bad guys” when in fact black is very important and is a “non colour. 

Black is the absence of colour and so can be used as any colour the imagination can impose on it.  It also happens to be “healing” for water, which makes it very powerful when used by the Kyusho student.

Kyusho Jitsu Colour Principle - The Colours

* Kyusho Jitsu Colour Principle

Looking at the chart to the left you can see the breakdown of colours. 

Each element of the body has a "healing" colour and a "destructive" colour.

And when fully understood their "effect" on the human body is very dramatic! However, this is not a simple principle to apply. The more "right brained" a person is the more successful they will be with this principle.

Kyuso Jitsu Colour Principle - Affect of Colour on the Brain

Colour, like sound is a controversial subject in the science of pressure point self defense study. But there is a lot of main stream science on the way colour works with the body and the brain. Here is a little for you below.

* Kyusho Jitsu Colour Principle

"The first thing to tell you is that colour is part of the powerful spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. These forms include microwaves, x-rays, infrared rays, and heat. In addition, color impacts the brain because it can greatly affect our physiology, since it influences anxiety, pulse, blood flow and arousal."

Color Memory Is SignificantA recent study examined differences in peoples’ recall of words and memory for colors. Results show that people recall color to a higher degree. And when people were asked to recall objects versus color, color memory was significantly greater. Even when people attempted to remember words or objects, color had the greatest affect on recall.

In the body the brain and neurology are everything. Since colour as you can see has a direct affect on the brain, and therefore the hypothalamus, Triple Warmer is very heavily involved.

When looking at colour for the purpose of self defense it does become very involved and requires a lot of training to accomplish the correct result in a live environment.

Applying the Kyusho Jitsu Colour Principle

Like all of the other principles you need to memorize these colours and their effects! Here is an example of how this can be used.

You are working with an Uki who is wearing a Red Gi. In your mind that Red Gi will represent the destructive colour for Fire. Try a hit on a fire meridian and see how strong the affect will be! 

Next you are wearing a Red Gi. In this case, you can use the healing aspect on yourself to enhance your fire, and burn more of their metal. The destructive colour used against the attack and the healing colour used to enhance you. Straight forward, right?

Black – If you are wearing black this can be used to represent any colour you wish. You can also use black and its healing properties for water.

White – This is all colours and so is a neutral colour.
You also do not need to have the colour you wish to use present. You can visualize it very easy just by saying the word. The Uki does not need to know anything about colour for it to work.

Play with colour using these basic rules and you will get amazing results!

Kyusho Club Webinar - Sound and Colour

If you are looking for even more detailed information on the application of Sound and Colour watch the Kyusho Club Webinar from Saturday June 1st 2019 below!

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Therefore in Conclusion I will state that each element of the body has a certain frequency.

Each colour, varying on intensity also has a certain frequency. Plus each elements frequency also relates to an organ of the body.

And each organ has a frequency also.

When the colour enhances the element, harmonizing with the frequency and therefore increasing the energy level it is considered to be a healing colour for that element.

And when the colour's frequency cancels out the frequency of the element, causing a depletion of energy it is consider to be a destructive colour. 

Have you ever worked with colour? I would love to hear about it! Leave a comment here.

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Kyusho Jitsu Colour Principle - How Colour Affects the Body
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