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Gall Bladder Cluster


Gall Bladder Cluster

Gall Bladder Cluster

Today we will have a look at a set of pressure points often referred to as the "Gall Bladder Cluster" located on the forehead. This is a cluster of 3 pressure points shaped like a triangle that are excellent for use in Kyusho Neurological Knockouts. These are GB-13, GB-14 and GB-15.

Gall Bladder Cluster GB-13

We will begin with Pressure Point GB-13 located 0.5 cun inside the hairline and 0.5 cun medial to ST-08, directly above the outer canthus of the eye. The idea of a striking to GB-13 is to use an open hand, with 2 way action to also connect with the other 2 pressure points in the Gall Bladder Cluster at the same time.

Striking GB-13 will cause immediate brain dysfunction

Gall Bladder Cluster GB-14

Pressure Point GB-14 is located 1 cun above the middle of the eyebrow on a line directly above the pupil of the eye in the depression on the Superciliary Arch. Striking this pressure point straight in can cause neck damage due to impact. Striking in a downward motion which is what is suggested with cause brain dysfunction including memory issues as well as dizziness. 

The uki will feel like he is in a FOG.

Gall Bladder Cluster GB-15

Located 0.5 cun inside the hairline and directly above the pupil when looking straight ahead.
This causes the head to feel as if it is swelling up, or being pumped up like a
balloon. Striking causes the recipient to not know where they are for a second or
two if struck mildly, or KO if struck heavily.

Please Note: Striking ANY pressure point of the head can result in serious injury up to and including death depending on the power of the strike and each individual pressure point in question.

Example of Knockout

Below is a video example of a Knockout that finished at the GB Cluster. I had a better example before but it was deleted by YouTube as not appropriate. 

In Conclusion

Gall Bladder Cluster CONCLUSION

The GB cluster is an excellent area of the body to add to your self defense training.

The main reason aside from effect is the easy access.  I also suggest spending some time in study of Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy which will give you the functions and locations of all 361 pressure points on the human body.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Gall Bladder Cluster - Brain Shock Pressure Points for Self Defense
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