How to Access Pressure Points

Access Pressure Points

Access Pressure Points

How do you access pressure points? I know you have heard that "pressure points don't work." Spoken by ever pretend "self defense guru" across time. So what they are saying is that hitting or striking the human body does not work? 

"You can't access pressure points on the street!" Another mantra of the clueless and lazy. So you can't hit the side of the jaw or face? You need to seriously look at your training dude! It is not pressure points that are a failure, YOU ARE!

"Pressure Points require fine motor skills and only gross motor skills work." Another training failure!

So you cannot palm heal the "temple" [TW-23] area? And forget getting a firearm as shooting is 100% fine motor skills! So is Krav Maga, BJJ and damn near all the martial arts touted as being "street ready." Funny how the haters are so uneducated in Kyusho Jitsu, but can talk like they have spent more than 2 hours learning.

But I am sure you get my point, so let's get on with the article.

Access Pressure Points

The first problem with people wishing to learn and excel at the science of pressure point self defense is often times their "self defense" skills can be low. Or they are relatively new to the entire martial art world and really do not understand movement as of yet. At first most martial arts teach linear movement, and they do so for a reason. But this needs to evolve into angular movement.

Linear Movement

When someone first begins in the martial arts they are taught "linear" movement. Someone will step forward and punch, the student will step back, block and then follow with a punch. Now this is DEAD WRONGbut we teach it that way for a reason.

You must first "break" the student of the things they think they know! Deprogram and reprogram.

And this method works! But it does take time. But then so does anything worthwhile. Pressure Point strikes here are very hard to do. Thus the failure I speak of above. 

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Circular Movement

Access Pressure Points Circular Motion

Next comes "circular" movement. However this while worthwhile learning is still very ineffective. Circular motion is what works in a ring. The person who controls the ring wins the fight. But on the street is is not effective at all. 

An attacker will not follow the lead, they will close the gap in a linear fashion and attack with all they have. If they are carrying a weapon like a knife you can watch yourself bleed after the cutting begins. If you stand and fight you may have a 10% chance of success. But ONLY if you are well enough trained. 

It is very hard to access pressure points or counter attack effective while doing this. Especially if you cannot get control of the attackers movement, and this is the purpose of this circular movement. 

Angular Movement

The only answer is angular movement. When the assault happens you move first, to an angle and counter from there. The "ideal" is simple, but 99% of martial artists I have found do not know anything of this, or can do this naturally. Therefore, without this motion an attack becomes chance and skill against skill. 

When someone attacks you they are committed! If they are standing jabbing at you they are not serious. They are playing looking for a fight.

This guy is a douche-bag, walk away. As Bruce Lee said in Enter the Dragon, "don't waste yourself."

Access Pressure Points via the Octagon

A committed attack happens very fast. The first line of defense is to move on an angle in the OCTAGON, then counter before the assailant regroups and moves again. 

When you move in the Octagon after the attack, pressure points present themselves like a smorgasbord. At this point things become very simple. takes time and serious training to get to this point!

And this angular movement opens up the most deadly of the pressure points and allows time to attack them. 

In Conclusion

Access Pressure Points Conclusion

Movement is everything in self defense, martial arts and the science of pressure point self defense. How to access pressure points? Like all things in life there is a path. I know Octagon Theories work because I have had to use them in real life. And the knowledge was there when I needed it most! 

Question for today. Who coined the phrase "in true self defense there is no body contact"? Do you understand what it means? Let me know here.

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