3 Most Dangerous Pressure Points for Devastating Results Fighting

* 3 Most Dangerous Pressure Points

What are the 3 Most Dangerous Pressure Points on the human body? I get asked this all the time, so lets discuss this today.  Please note I DO NOT recommend striking these points ever unless your life is in danger.

I certainly do not recommend them for demonstrations either.  With martial arts training comes responsibility.

And with the current climate in the world today it is essential that we should show responsibility when others will not. Read this article on the Kyusho Jitsu Uke to understand the importance of this. 

And this list of 3 only scratches the surface of 3 Most Dangerous Pressure Points on the human body.

3 Most Dangerous Pressure Points - TW-17

Triple Warmer Meridian

One the the first of the 3 Most Dangerous Pressure Points. I am not listing these in any particular order. This is not the least nor the most dangerous of points. Opinions will vary on this but that is normal. So what makes Pressure Point TW-17 so dangerous?

It can be used in safety under certain circumstances. it is a GREAT head point for pain and control. However striking it can result is serious injury and even death. ANd this is why is is listed here under the 3 Most Dangerous Pressure Points.

3 Most Dangerous Pressure Points

Striking this point can cause a few things to happen. The vagus nerve is in this vicinity which is tied to the heart. Striking can cause a dislocation of the jaw very easily, which can in turn damage the jugular vein. It is also possible to cause a dislocation of the skull to the spinal column if the strike is hard enough and at the correct angle and direction

This pressure point also causes brain shock, which is a dangerous condition. Therefore this makes TW-17 one of the 3 Most Dangerous Pressure Points on the body. Read more about Pressure Point TW-17.

3 Most Dangerous Pressure Points - ST-09, ST-10

Kyusho Jitsu World

In considering the 3 Most Dangerous Pressure Points I count ST-09 and 10 as one pressure points because you will not strike one without striking the other. These lie in the neck along the carotid artery. A strike to these points cause an instant drop in blood pressure and a resulting vassal faint. What makes this so dangerous?

Because today heart disease is the number one killer the odds are pretty good that the person you strike may have some kind of heart issue.

This strike can cause plaque in the arteries to be released causing a stroke. Or in some occasions the blood pressure does not come back up and death can result. Now this is not probable, but POSSIBLE.

Therefore these points should be avoided in training. Extreme cautious needs to be used in reference to these 2 pressure points. Large Intestine 18 and Small Intestine 16 fall into this category too of the 3 Most Dangerous Pressure Points.

If you click the button below you can read what my new book Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy has to say about ST-09. And here is an article on Pressure Point Stomach 9-10. I include ST-10 because it is almost impossible to ST-09 without hitting ST-10.

3 Most Dangerous Pressure Points - SP-21

Kyusho Jitsu Nerve Strikes -Spleen Meridian

Continuing with the 3 Most Dangerous Pressure Points we have Spleen 21 is in my view the most dangerous pressure point on the body. This is especially true for the left side.

Those who are advanced in kyusho Jitsu study know the many special functions of this pressure point. It is also one of the "death touch" points in Dim Mak

Aside from the energetic reason we deal with in advanced Kyusho Jitsu this pressure point lies in a very weak area of the ribs. a resulting break can cause a lung puncture and possible damage to the heart if on the left side.  

A light strike will cause incredible pain. The energetic reason this point is so dangerous is beyond the scope of this article, however I will provide some links for learning more.

I have a separate article on Pressure Point Spleen 21.  This is truly one of the most vital spots on the human body when it comes to pressure point fighting. 

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

There are many, many very dangerous pressure points on the body. What are some of your favorites? 

Are there some you are wondering about?

Leave a comment here and I will answer!

Here is a 4th example of the Dangerous Pressure Points. This is Dim Mak Pressure Point BL-10. Any strike to this pressure point is highly dangerous. Use the link above to read more. I hope you enjoyed this article 3 Most Dangerous Pressure Points.

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