How Kyusho Jitsu Stances. What is the different from traditional?

Kyusho Jitsu stances

Kyusho Jitsu Stances: In the martial arts world in my opinion stances are among the most misunderstood of "techniques."  I use the word techniques because I really cannot decide on a word for description!  Perhaps that comes from trying to learn another language. But today I want to address Kyusho Jitsu Stances and their place in the science of pressure point self defense. 

Kyusho Jitsu Stances - Misunderstanding

I will often here martial arts instructors tell their students to get into their stance. And that is OK, as long as the student comes to understand that in self defense a stance is never "taken." As a training point this is fine, but the relationship to self defense is different. 

When you look at a self defense situation there are 2 very important aspect of the defender to understand. That is:

  1. Mobility
  2. Stability

The Kyusho Jitsu stance is obviously the "stability" aspect of the situation. However the confusion comes because of the way we train.  A stance is a transition point, not a place where you remain!

If I was going to compare it to music, the stance is pause between notes.  When you "take" a stance you cripple your movement, slowing yourself down and forcing a power versus power confrontation. Instead we move through stances taking advantage of a level point, then continuing to control or strike as needed. 

Kyusho Jitsu Stances - Kyusho Aspect

Kyusho Jitsu Stances Work

Note: The deeper the Kyusho Jitsu Stance the greater the element effect!

Now from a Kyusho Jitsu aspect, the Kyusho Jitsu Stances also relate directly to an element of the body. However once again in order to get the proper affect, it becomes a dance between mobility and stability!

If you have ever seen my oldest son move you will know how he has mastered this aspect of training! But on the Kyusho Jitsu Stances. Here is a breakdown.

  • Forward Bo [Walking Stance] - Fire element
  • Neutral Bo - Fire element
  • 45 Degree Cat Stance - Metal element
  • Horse Stance Toes Out - Wood 
  • Horse Stance Toes Forward - Earth element
  • X Stance, Crane, Crossover etc - Water element

Kyusho Jitsu Stances in Conclusion

Kyusho Jitsu Stances Work CONCLUSION

This is the basic breakdown based on the traditional stances! This applies to all stances across all arts.

If you are curious about a particular stance and its element that is not listed feel free to contact me!

Thank you for reading this article on Kyusho Jitsu Stances. 

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