Learning Stages of Kyusho Jitsu. How does the mind work?

* Learning Stages of Kyusho Jitsu

Learning Stages of Kyusho Jitsu: I teach the science of pressure point self defense based on systems of learning. Or in other words a curriculum. The Learning Stages of Kyusho Jitsu are very well defined for anyone who gets involved in one of my Kyusho Home Study Course or Kyusho Jitsu University. And there is a reason for this. I focus on the way the mind learns and remembers.

Often times you will see Kyusho instruction that is all over the map. And there is also little actual information being taught. A lot of the time it is simply a "show" which makes the instructor look very good. How should learning be done?

Learning Stages of Kyusho Jitsu - Basics

You must crawl before you can walk and walk before you can run. Learning, the way the brain retains information needs to be structured. My novice or beginnings program is designed to give the student time to understand the basic principles of Kyusho. And these basics MUST BE TAUGHT and understood. 

Every time I see these bypassed the results are substandard. The learning stages of Kyusho Jitsu of the basics is below.

This is a lot of information. However none of it is cover in great depth until the student moves from Novice to Advanced. The Learning Stages of Kyusho Jitsu!

After the basic foundation is laid we can move onto more advanced study.

Advanced Kyusho Jitsu Study

* Kyusho Jitsu Alarm Points

Alarm Points are the cornerstone of advanced Kyusho Jitsu Study

The Learning Stages of Kyusho Jitsu in advanced study is where we begin to take the basics and look at application. More information is also added in the from of another 5 principles. The memory work and theory from the novice course is built upon also. Review is critical for understanding!

The most important addition in my view is the learning of Alarm Points. These are almost like the a 16th Principle (I teach 15 Principles) and arguably the most important part of advanced learning. 

Development comes as small "enlightening" moments. You go from confusion and frustration to understanding. Suddenly things begin to make sense!

Kyusho Jitsu Success Path

*Kyusho Jitsu Learning Process

Learning Stages of Kyusho Jitsu in Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

There is a very clear path to success learning Kyusho Jitsu.

There is nothing wrong with looking ahead to see what is coming down the road, as long as you keep focused on the work that must be done. 

How do you begin?

Most people will opt in for one of my FREE Kyusho Courses. And I suggest everyone do this! However if you want serious learning and information you need to grab my Novice Kyusho Jitsu Home Study Course. This course has been around about 10 years now, and is highly acclaimed by its graduates. Thank you for reading about the Learning Stages of Kyusho Jitsu.

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