Secrets in your Kata. What did the Masters of Old Hide?

secrets in your kata

Are there Secrets in your Kata? Is there some mystery we are missing each time we perform one? No there are no Secrets in your Kata, there is only vision and interpretation. You get from a Kata what you put into it. There are many different interpretations, some good, some poor, and some outstanding.

After all, Kata it is only the understanding of movement and seeing opportunity.

Now some believe that training in Kata is waste of time. These are often the same people who mock Kyusho Jitsu, and also love to rant about the McDojo. Who are these people? They are people with limited, closed minded thinking who do not look for opportunity. They want a predictable, predetermined outcome. But life is not like that.

Secrets in your Kata

Are there Secrets in your Kata? So how does Kata interpretation work? There are "classic" interpretations of the movements, but in my opinion that is for the novice.

What we ultimately want is too see an interpretation happen from our own style and our own training. It should be an enlightening moment as we think of self defense, and then suddenly something makes sense.

Secrets in your Kata

When this happens you then have something ingrained in your subconscious that can be applied.

Secrets in your Kata in Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Secrets in your Kata: You can begin the road to Kata Interpretation today based on the science of pressure point self defense hidden in your root art.  

Below I have a link to a great video series that will help you! I also have a new book called Bunkai: The Art of Kata Interpretation you may wish to learn about. It is available in English and Spanish. 

Best of all it is about the same price as lunch at a fast food restaurant. This however, improving your self defense skills is far better for your health. Have you done much Kata interpretation work? Please tell me about it here.

Below is a video course teaching how to interpret Kata. This is a revolutionary approach to understand HOW to interpret your Kata! Not just me telling you what the moves mean. But how to actually do it yourself 

Thank you for reading Secrets in your Kata.

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