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Alarm Point ST-25 [Stomach]


Alarm Point ST-25

* Alarm Point ST-25

Today I am going to discuss on of my personal favorite pressure points. This is Alarm Point ST-25. And this is a pressure point often times overlooked, yet is so easy to access and very effective as a setup for other strikes. Plus if you perform Kata in your martial art system you have a "ready" stance at the beginning of the Kata. And this a strike bilaterally to ST-25

So lets get into this!

Alarm Point ST-25 - Location & Effect

Alarm Point ST-25 is located 2 cun lateral [finger widths] to the centre of the umbilicus. This strike can cause knock out when struck hard. It will also cause diarrhea on the spot. Plus this is a pressure point that is capable of causing emotional disorders and also the physical symptoms that go with emotional disorders. 

This is because it upsets the communication between Gall Bladder and Triple Warmer Meridian Systems. 

You also feel a vacuum effect with a hard and correct strike, using a penetrating striking action. 

Alarm Point

ST-25 is also and most importantly an Alarm Point. Alarm Points are pressure points that have a direct relationship to the organ they are linked with. In this case Pressure Point ST-25 is the Alarm Point for Large Intestine. This is why above I speak of potential diarrhea! Striking this pressure point also brings the 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle into play. 

When you strike Alarm Point -ST-25 the following results:

  • Activation of Stomach on the side struck
  • Importantly plus Activation of Large Intestine Bilaterally
  • Activation of Triple Warmer Bilaterally

The importance and power of Alarm Points cannot be overstated! I go into great details on Alarm Points in my eBook the 15 Principles Plus One of Kyusho Jitsu. Here is a link to an Alarm Point Video Course also. Both are excellent learning resources. 

In Conclusion

Alarm Point ST-25 CONCLUSION

This is one very powerful pressure point! Because of its location and its dramatic effects this is one to be added to your training!

Plus you can often see this in your Kata as a double strike! Make sure to play with this one and learn its in and outs. But as always be cautious! 

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Alarm Point ST-25 [Stomach Meridian] and its Effects on the Body
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Alarm Point ST-25 [Stomach Meridian] and its Effects on the Body
Learn about the devastating effects of Alarm Point ST-25 and the dramatic effects striking this pressure point has on the human body.
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