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Kyusho Pressure Point EPS

Kyusho Pressure Point EPS

What is Kyusho Pressure Point EPS?

I have been remiss in my teaching for the science of pressure point self defense. My courses teach a lot of materials, including Kyusho Pressure Point EPS. But I forgot to breakdown exactly what E.P.S means.

Kyusho Pressure Point EPS - Novice E.P.S

Simply put at the Novice Level E.P.S stands for Element - Polarity - Striking Action. This term is linked directly to the study and attack of the meridians of the body.  Let's take a closer look shall we?

Novice E.P.S: The Element: 

Each meridian on the body is represented by one of the five elements. These are either fire, metal, wood, earth or water. When it then refers to Kyusho Pressure Point EPS we are considering the Cycle of Destruction. The cycle breaks down as follows:

The Kyusho 5 Element Theory
  • Fire melts Metal
  • Metal chops Wood
  • Wood penetrates Earth
  • Earth dams Water
  • Water Quenches Fire
  • So when you think about a meridian you ask yourself the question. "What is the element?"

    Which element is being used to attack which meridian within this cycle.

    Novice E.P.S:  The Polarity

    Understanding the Yin-Yang Symbol

    Each meridian and the organ represented has a specific polarity. They are either Yin or Yang. 

    On the human body there are 12 meridians total and 2 pairs of 6 with reference to Yin and Yang.

    Here is a breakdown of polarity

    Yin Meridians

    • Heart
    • Lung
    • Pericardium
    • Kidney
    • Liver
    • Spleen

    Yang Meridian

    • Large Intestine
    • Small Intestine
    • Triple Warmer
    • Bladder
    • Gall Bladder
    • Stomach

    Therefore when thinking about a meridian you would ask yourself "What polarity is this meridian?"

    Novice E.P.S: Striking Action

    Because of the above information each meridian also has a "best method" of attack! What is the correct striking action? These striking actions are slapping, vibrating, chopping, penetrating and grasping.

    As a full breakdown we have the following

    1. Fire - Slapping
    2. Metal - Vibrating
    3. Wood - Chopping
    4. Earth - Penetrating
    5. Water - Grasping

    This then causes the question. "What is the striking action for the meridian based on the element?"

    Kyusho Pressure Point EPS - Advanced Study

    Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips
    Kyusho Pressure Point EPS

    Well we can and do go a lot further with the idea of E.P.S than just the 3 in the Novice program. We can actually make this a large equation of questions.


    Yes that is correct at the advanced level we can use the above acronym! So why is this important? Because the brain works by asking questions. Therefore using acronyms like this are a big aid in teaching and successful learning!

    At the advanced level this is not always necessary. But it really does come in handy! So how about I break this entire acronym down for you. Remember this is all in reference to meridians.

    Kyusho Jitsu Factor - stance

    For the purposes of the article and advanced study I will now look at the second part which is S.S.C.T

    1) S - Stance. What is the correct stances to use in an attack based on the meridian element?

    2) S - Sound. What is the correct destructive sound to be used to attack the meridian element?

    3) C - Colour. What is the destructive colour for the meridian and its corresponding element?

    4) T - Time of Day. What is the correct time of day of activation in the 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle for the meridian in question?

    Please note that each of these principles above is linked to a detailed article explaining how it works. As of this writing I have not done one yet on striking actions, however I will soon.

    Kyusho pressure Point EPS

    In Conclusion

    The reason for the entire idea of Kyusho Pressure Point EPS is to help with learning.

    The brain learns by association and that makes these kinds of acronyms very powerful. 

    And these tools greatly increase your odds of real success in the science of pressure point self defense.

    So my question today. Did you know about EPS before you read the article? Comment with a Yes or No! I hope this help explain the idea behind Kyusho Pressure Point EPS and how it works in helping you develop a STRONG and clear understanding of how pressure points work. 

    And do you have an tips or tricks to share with us when it comes to all the memory work using Kyusho? Share them here.

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    Grand Master Art Mason

    Grand Master Art Mason

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