Principles of Kyusho Jitsu. Why is this foundation so important?

10 Principles of Kyusho Jitsu

What are the 10 Principles of Kyusho Jitsu? Martial Arts study, as well as Kyusho Jitsu can be looked at like a science. Therefore the 10 Principles of Kyusho Jitsu become paramount in the learning process. Let's take a look at this principles and break them down.

The 5 Novice Principles of Kyusho Jitsu

The Cycle of Destruction

The first 5 of the 10 Principles of Kyusho Jitsu are considered to be beginner or novice principles.

However all the knowledge is built on these first five! Let take a look at them in more details

1) Attack Along the Meridian - This principles takes a look at attacking pressure points along the same meridian on the body. This is important because it causes both energy disruption in the meridian as well as confusing nerve input to the brain. 

2) Attack Using the Cycle of Destruction - This is one of the cornerstones of Kyusho Jitsu understanding and success. It helps the student to understand where to strike, and with which "tool." Here is a link to an article specifically on the Cycle of Destruction.

3) Attack Using Yin and Yang - This is a complex principle that center around the idea of striking to complete the Yin and Yang theory of attack. You can find some excellent information on this theory here!

4) Attack Using Correct Body Mechanics - This is one of my favorite principles. It is all about centering and controlling the attacker keeping him or her in your area of power. 

5) Attack Using Tempo - There is an old saying that if you can dance, you can fight! This is a look at the role of tempo in self defense. 

The 5 Advanced Principles of Kyusho Jitsu

Kyusho Jitsu Down Block

Next we have 5 advanced principle of Kyusho Jitsu. These all build and enhance the first 5! They are as follows.

6) Attack Using the 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle - Understanding how the energy clock in the body works, the flow of energy and how to disrupt it.

7) Stances - Understanding the role of stances in martial art and Kyusho Jitsu self defense.

8) Colour - Colour has an effect on the human body. It can control moods and health. This is a very powerful principle!

9) Sound - The effect of sound on the body. This is one of the most devastating of Kyusho Jitsu Principles

10) The Cycle of Emotions - The Triple Warmer Meridian controls the emotions of the person. This is tied to the endocrine system. This is a powerful self defense principles!

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

Even though there are Kyusho Jitsu Instructors who no longer teach these principles, while their choice, I believe is a BIG mistake. These principles are a cornerstone of the study of the science of pressure point self defense.

Today teachers and teaching systems use "shortcuts" to get the job done. Like in my former home province of Ontario Canada they no longer teach "cursive" writing to children.

Why? Safe money is my guess. However "cursive" writing helps develop the child's brain and this is PROVEN. Just like the 15 Principles Of Kyusho Jitsu assure the development of the Kyusho student. No matter what ANYONE says!

And time has proven their value! Once these are internalized you really no longer think about them.  Why? Because this is how the brain works!

Question, how much time have you spent learning these principles? I am going to offer you 2 FREE videos (one when you leave and the other below) to become proficient with Kyusho. Will you download the videos and watch them? Or are you a person of non action? Comment here! 

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