Hot Hands Kyusho Jitsu

Hot Hands Kyusho Jitsu

* Hot Hands Kyusho Jitsu

Why are some people so successful when they demonstrated the science of pressure point fighting called Kyusho Jitsu? Then others who have a deep intellectual understanding have issues getting things to work? The answer is easy. I call it the Hot Hands Kyusho Jitsu. Let me explain.

Back in the day Chi Development was simply part of training. It was not a separate entity that a student would seek out as they progressed. Meditation and Chi training were just part of the over all training picture. 

Today the martial art world, especially in the Western Culture is very different. Commercial schools and sport has watered things down a great deal. And adult enrollment in the martial arts in general is down as much as 90 percent. In my personal view the days of the Dojo in the West are coming to an end. And this is very sad. But I know it will continue for those who wish to learn underground. 

Hot Hands Kyusho Jitsu - Chi Development

To get a grasp on what is needed to take your martial arts training and practice to the level of the masters of old you MUST understand and train to develop your Chi.

The term Hot Hand Kyusho Jitsu refers to hand with a high level of Chi energy always present in them. 

Chi Combat

When hands have a high level of Chi present they will take on a "mottled" appearance. Blotchy, with usually but not always a slight purple appearance. This is not always present but turned on by the student when needed. 

This comes from dedicated Chi Development done over time. There are many different methods of doing this kind of work. It can be done with sound, as detailed in my Kyusho Home Study Course, and also through creating and controlling a Chi Ball, which will be discussed more below where you can get a free video learning how to do this.

Meditation Training

Without meditation training you are not going to get very far. One of the main benefits of meditation is to clear and focus the mind. You will hear this often discussed in today's martial rt classes.

Kyusho Jitsu Cycle of Emotions - Control Emotions

But in my opinion they are falling short of accomplishing this when meditation is not done.

But in today's rather pathetic world of instant gratification no one wants to do the work to get the result.

Meditation takes time and thousands of hours in a lifetime to truly experience the benefits. 

The more time you spend meditating the better the result. I have been myself involved the martial arts world going on 37 years, and about 34 years of this time involved in one form of mediation or another. 

In Conclusion

Hot Hands Kyusho Jitsu is a high Chi energy condition that makes striking pressure point more effective than average.

You can succeed without this condition and understanding. And you can do VERY well without it!

Hot Hands Kyusho Jitsu CONCLUSION

But why settle for less when you can train harder now and get a better results in the future. Plus this kind of training is for when you are older and cannot keep a high fitness level due to age and injury. I know my days o putting my feet over my head are long long. But I do not worry about the streets. I have prepared all my life to be an aging martial artist.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Hot Hands Kyusho Jitsu - High Level Chi Training in Kyusho
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