Liver Meridian is essential for successful self defense.

* Liver Meridian

The Liver Meridian: Next in the articles on the acupuncture meridians of the body is Liver. The Liver Meridian is the second of the lower extremity meridians I am discussing.

The first in this part of the series was on the Spleen Meridian

I have completed article on all the UPPER extremity meridians and I will be linking them below. Learning this information about each meridian of the body in detail is extremely important for your pressure point study. This is beginners information also.

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Liver Meridian EPS

The EPS or Element, Striking Action, Polarity  of Liver are discussed below.

These also include other aspects which are listed and linked for your reference also. You can see the path of the meridian in the image above.

The EPS of the meridian is as follows. I am providing many links to other articles in this article to make sure that everything is very clear to you. Take your time and learn as much as you can.

The energy is entering the body on the Liver Meridian. This ties directly into the 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle.

Important Pressure Points on Liver Meridian

Below I am going to list and link to the top 2 most important pressure points on the Liver Meridian. There are others, but these have special attributes.

These 2 pressure points also have different classification. Both are Alarm Points, which is very important in advanced Pressure Point study. LV-13 is also designated as an Influential Pressure Point and one of the 36 Dim Mak Vital Points

Liver Meridian In Conclusion

Liver Meridian CONCLUSION

This is the 2nd of 6 articles on the pressure points of the lower extremities. This is all very important information for you study. I do suggest memorizing it all. If you are new the Kyusho Jitsu then join my Free 10 Lesson Mini Course

Below are the articles on meridians of the upper body.

Thank you for reading about the Liver Meridian.

Meridian of Body Articles

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