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Pressure Point LV-13 [Liver]


Pressure Point LV-13

* Pressure Point LV-13

I love Alarm Points and Pressure Point LV-13 [Liver] is an Alarm Point! The power of these special pressure points cannot be overstated!  In this case LV-13 is the Alarm Point for the Spleen. The spleen is a very important YIN organ, and we will go into some details about all of this as the article progresses. 

Pressure Point LV-13 - Location & Effects

LV -13 is located on the lateral side of the abdomen, below the free end of the 11th rib, when the arm is bent at the elbow and held against the side, this pressure point is roughly
located at the tip of the elbow.  

Pressure Point LV-13 is in the internal and external oblique muscles.

Striking LV-13 with a chopping action causes great physical damage to the area, as well as causing electrical damage because of the nerves close to the surface and with the rib cage. 

* Pressure Point LV-13

This is a knockout pressure point and because of the location is very dangerous if stuck with too much force as a demonstration.

Years ago a martial arts instructor demonstrated with a student on a TV show in the USA caused an emergency situation requiring a doctor to be brought in to help the student. The student was fine afterward, however this shows the power of this pressure point. 

Striking Pressure Point LV-13 on the left side of the body can also easily result in a ruptured spleen which can be deadly in of itself. 

Alarm Point Effects

Striking LV-13 being an Alarm Point also causes several things to happen. So let's take a deeper look now.

  • Activation of the Spleen Meridian Bi-laterally
  • And activation of the Liver Meridian on the side struck
  • As well as activation of the Triple Warmer Meridian Bi-laterally

This is a lot of power and many affected areas of the body from a single struck! I do suggest you study Alarm Points in more depth.

Below there will be a link to a course with more in-depth knowledge. Alarm Points are a must study in the science of pressure point self defense called Kyusho Jitsu.

* Pressure Point LV-13

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

LV-13 is a powerful and dangerous pressure point.

It is also almost impossible to strike this pressure point without also striking another Alarm Point GB-24! 

Follow the link to read more about Pressure Point GB-24.

I do also strongly recommend getting my eBook Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy which will break down every pressure point on the body. Along with these articles you will have everything you need to succeed in Kyusho Jitsu!

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Grand Master Art Mason

Pressure Point LV-13 - Dangerous Alarm Point & a Must Learn!
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