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Deadly Pressure Point Liver 14


Pressure Point Liver 14

The Pressure Point Liver 14

Today we will take a look at a pressure point of incredible importance, but it very often overlooked. That is Pressure Point Liver 14 [LV-14]. Below are some excerpts from my eBook released on January 15th 2019 called Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy.

Please note this is a very dangerous pressure point and should not be played with. 

Pressure Point Liver 14 - Location

LV-14 is located on the mamillary line, 2 ribs below the nipple, in the 6th intercostal space. This point is 6 cun above the navel & 3.5 cun lateral to GV-14, near the medial end of the 6th intercostal space.

The Intercostal Space

Pressure Point Liver 14 - Caution

This is a very important pressure point because it can have many different dangerous effects. A solid strike on the left side can cause the heart to stop. The lungs can also collapse from a strong hit.

A knockout can also occur from a medium strike, as well as temporary vision issues. Not to mention serious liver damage occurring instantly and, in the future, if untreated.

LV-14 is also an Alarm Point which means it has a direct relationship with the organ itself Each organ on the body has 2 special points associated with them. These pressure points are not necessarily on the meridian associated with the organ either. These names of these special pressure points is Alarm Points and Associated Alarm Points.

The Associated Alarm Points

Associated Alarm Point relate directly to the neurological aspect of the organ they represent. All Associated Alarm Points are located on the Bladder Meridian on the right side of the body. 

How Alarm Points function and their importance is covered in depth in my advanced Kyusho Jitsu Home Study Courses. Beginning at Kyusho 2nd Dan Black Belt. However I do have some workshop footage of Alarm Points found at this LINK. Plus these are covered in great details in the Kyusho Master's Series eBook/Video set. 

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

From this article you can get a general idea of just how important Pressure Point Liver 14 actually is, especially because it is an Alarm Point.

And it is a very important pressure point in the study of Dim Mak.

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Pressure Point Liver 14 - A very dangerous and important Point
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Pressure Point Liver 14 - A very dangerous and important Point
Discover Pressure Point Liver 14 - A very dangerous and important Pressure Point. Details on how it works, & what potentially makes this a dangerous point.
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