Influential Pressure Points. What makes them so important?

* Influential Pressure Points

Influential Pressure Points: Today I am going to look at another set of "Special Pressure Points." This is extremely advanced information. There will be one more of these special pressure point sets after this coming soon. Special Purpose Pressure Points are points that do many different things. And this relates to the term Influential Pressure Points. They influence other parts of the body. 

We are interested in this from a destructive point of view. These have been reverse engineered from acupuncture. 

Influential Pressure Points - How They Work

These pressure points when activated affect certain meridian and organ groupings. The pressure points in these cases are activated by simple contact, but once contact is removed, the affect is gone also. However you do have approximately a 10 second delay before the effect is completely gone. 10 seconds is a long time! This is not related to pressure point activation, which is a much longer period of time.

Breakdown of Influential Pressure Points

1) Liver 13 (This affects the Yin Meridians on both sides of the body. It also has a direct
affect on the Yin organs of the body (Heart, Lung, Pericardium, Spleen, Liver and
Kidney) (Zang Organs).
LV-13 is also an Alarm Point, as are all of these. 

2) Conception 12 – this point affects the Yang Meridians on both sides of the boy. It also
has a direct affect on the Yang organs (Large Intestine, Small Intestine, Stomach, Gall
Bladder and Bladder) (Fu Organs).

3) Conception 17 – This point affects the Qi or Chi energy on the left side of the body making any strike to the left side having a greater effect. The left side of the body is also extremely important in Dim Mak

4) Bladder 17 – This point affects the Blood energy on the right side of the body making
any strike to the right side more effective. Another extremely important pressure point in the study of Dim Mak.

Influential Pressure Points

Influential Pressure Points while advanced knowledge are extremely important and have a profound effect on the body.  To use these first you must complete the basics, and have a very strong Kyusho Jitsu foundation. 

A great way to experiment with these is by activated them, then do strikes to the related area and note effect. 

Caution needs to be used as this is very powerful knowledge. And please do not overuse your Uke. There health is critical. If you are going to train with this information please consider take ing my Resuscitation Certification Course

Influential Pressure Points in Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Kyusho Jitsu is an amazing journey! Yes there are simpler ways to do things. And there are a lot of Kyusho instructors doing this.  

But I prefer pressure points to be a learning experience. I try to learn something new everyday. And I am still learning new things all the time about Kyusho Jitsu. 

Dim Mak Theories to Street Applications is based on this information. Thank you for taking time to read about Influential Pressure Points.

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