Pressure Point BL-56 [Bladder]

Pressure Point BL-56

* Pressure Point BL-56

For the last year I have been writing articles about once per month on different, important pressure points on the body for self defense. Today I am going to look at Pressure Point BL-56 [Bladder Meridian] as well as BL-55, 57 because there are so very close together, and all extremely important. I will focus on BL-56 because it gives the best effect. However any of the pressure points in the calf can cause sever damage and end any assault. And a typical strike is going to be blind without intense training. 

Pressure Point BL-56 - Location

* Pressure Point BL-56

Located in the in the center of the of the gastrocnemius muscle, midway between BL-55 and BL-57 is pressure point BL-56.

The gastrocnemius muscle consists of a lateral head, a medial head, and their single tendon of insertion.

Each head is a thick muscular column, separated from the other by the back of the knee. As they descend, they come together.

The medial head is larger and wraps around the leg more towards the front than does the lateral head. The muscular heads end at or slightly above the middle of the leg, where they attach to their tendon.

The tendon descends and fuses with the tendon of the soleus muscle, which lies just beneath it, forming the Achilles tendon

The gastrocnemius muscle raises the heel, which lifts the body. It also assists, though minimally, in flexing the knee joint. This muscle group carries a tremendous weight burden making it susceptible to attack.

Effects of Striking

There are 2 basic methods of successfully striking these 3 pressure points in total. And that is either with a front kick using the toe, or with a heel strike. My personal preference is with a heel as this can be done from the position of being in front of the attacker.

The results of a strike are instant cramping of the muscle, which depending on the condition of said muscle will include damage up to and including massive tearing of the tissue and possible separation of the muscles from the Achilles tendon. Interesting the stronger the muscle, the more potential for damage.

Knockouts are also possible at pressure point BL-56 due to the brain shock that can occur with a solid strike. This is an excellent area to teach novice students in self defense training. 

In Conclusion

Pressure Point BL-56 CONCLUSION

A strike to Pressure Point BL-56 is a fight ender. No one can continue an assault with calf and/or tendon damage. Walking becomes impossible.

If you have ever awakened in the night with a calf cramp imagine that at a magnitude of plus 10. 

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Pressure Point BL-56 [Bladder] - Important Self Defense Pressure Point
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