Pressure Point TW-18 [Triple Warmer]

Pressure Point TW-18

* Pressure Point TW-18 [Triple Warmer]

Today I am going to talk about Pressure Point TW-18 [Triple Warmer], well actually 2 pressure points TW-18 & TW-19. The reason for 2 is that it is almost impossible to hit one without hitting the other. And the results are DEVASTATING.

Pressure Point TW-18 - Location & Attack

Pressure Point TW-18 is located in the center of the mastoid process behind the ear, just above TW-17.

This is a very delicate area of the skull with very little to protect the brain itself if the area is assaulted. 

The best method to attack these two pressure points is with a palm heal strike in toward the front of the face. This is also referred to in Dim Mak as the brain shock pressure point.

* Pressure Point TW-18 [Triple Warmer]

Pressure Point TW-18 - Effect

With this information in mind, in an attack in which the assailant is within close range,a strike can be make inward,  into the power position [Body Mechanics]. A medium strike to the area, which is very easy to pull off when correct body mechanics and movement are fully understood, will result in an immediate knockout with serious disorientation once the attacker regains consciousness. 

This is because of the serious "brain shock" that occurs even with a light strike to the area. 

A hard strike will result in fracturing of the skull, sever concussion and brain trauma resulting in death. Death can occur very quickly also from a hard strike.

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Is this a pressure point you had ever considered using before?

The more information you know about each pressure point on the body the more effective you can make your self defense system. 

This was the reason last year that I wrote my book Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy.

It has also be my selling eBook to date! It covers information on all 361 pressure points on the human body, with reference to exactly location. The effects of striking are also covered if they are relevant. Below I will give you the change to get 2 FREE chapters of the book to have a look! 

The truth about pressure point is that if you do the study they WORK. Despite what the uneducated wish to say! You will always find people either too lazy or too stupid to find success in life. Don't listen to these people.

They need to be negative in order to feel better about themselves. Do NOT engage these people. You feed their mental illness and make things worse.  This today is one of the reasons for the issues in the west. 

I welcome your comments as always. And before I forget Pressure Point TW-18 is of the Combat Pressure Points

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Pressure Point TW-18 [Triple Warmer] - the Brain Shock Pressure Point
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Pressure Point TW-18 [Triple Warmer] - the Brain Shock Pressure Point
Discover the Brain Shock Pressure Point TW-18. One of the most dangerous and easy to access pressure points on the body for self defense.
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