Pressure Point Psychology

Pressure Point Psychology

* Pressure Point Psychology

"All is far in love and war." Now there is an old saying for you! Today I am going to give away some secrets.  So lets look at Pressure Point Psychology - The Power of the Triple Warmer Meridian. This will below you mind!

There are many "martial artist" out there who are more than happy to tell you how Kyusho Jitsu does not work. But that is statement always come from lazy, self important people.  I have been dealing with these failures in training for decades. If you do not do the work, you will NEVER get the results. And no matter how much some does not like this, it is just FACT

Now did you see what I did there?

Let's continue. I have a "follower" and I have to call him a follower because he wants everything handed to him on a silver platter. Now I put up with him for the most part because I find it entertaining. He will ask me a question, and wants me to do a video for an answer. I stopped doing video long ago! I tell him to go and train. Then ask questions. 

Today no one wants to do the research. This is one reason the world is in so much trouble today. People see something on TV (the idiot box) and believe it to be FACTUAL. They believe this no matter how RIDICULOUS the information. 

Again I ask, did you see what I am doing?

I am using Pressure Point Psychology - The Power of the Triple Warmer Meridian to get an emotional response from you. And I will always get an emotional response or reaction. Some will get angry. Others will laugh. But there is always a reaction, strong or mild. 

The Triple Warmer Meridian is link directed to the endocrine system of the body, the emotions of the person, and therefore can be altered at will if you train to do so. Because no mtter where you strike on the body you active Triple Warmer, and even words do the same!

I am sure you have seen the crap out there today about "if you hurt my feelings you are using hate speech." In my view that is pathetic. However it gives someone who trains for this a great advantage! 

Back a few months ago I released an eBook called Self Defense from Brainwashing. My hardcore students purchased it, but for the most part people do not want to admit they are being programmed. And that is OK, we all become aware at different times, and some never will. But there is some good information there on this exact topic! When you understand the tricks, you become enlightened. After all "all is far in love and war." I would certainly use this knowledge against someone who is an issue in my life!

Many years ago one of my boys turned me on to a TV series. It was a UK series called "Sherlock." But the reason was to watch the character and his ability to observe his surrounding and learn about people from their body language. It is an amazing show!

One of the final episodes of the series there was one called "Pressure Points." Now this was not pressure points of the body, but pressure points of the mind.  "Pressure Point Psychology!" The bad guy would learn about people he needed to control and find their "pressure points" and then use the information to control them. 

He tried to do this with Sherlock, and Sherlock played along. But if you understand what is happening you can counter act it. This is all very Yin/Yang also. The bad guy failed miserably and put himself in a vulnerable situation which cost him his life. 

In Conclusion

Pressure Point Psychology CONCLUSION

First training is the ONLY path to get to the destination. And that means training the body and mind. Body is first.

Without the physical it is impossible to get the mind to a high level in Budo.

Spirituality is last. I have spoken this year a lot about the Great Awakening. This is all part and parcel together.

Right now I am working on an eBook about How to Create an Eclectic Martial Art. But I am now doing one more on this subject. It is called Mastering the Triple Warmer Meridian

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Pressure Point Psychology - The Power of the Triple Warmer Meridian
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