Kyusho Head Pressure Points

Kyusho Head Pressure Points

* Deadly Pressure Point TW-18

Lets spend a few minutes today and talk about Kyusho Head Pressure Points. Also known as pressure points of the head. In self defense it is often the most desirable to target the head. The head will naturally give a good result since it does house the brain.  So lets take a look at the best pressure points to strike!

Depending on the result you are looking for some pressure points work better then others. It also naturally depends on the situation and what is the most directly available. Here is a look at the primary ones for a strong pressure point brain dysfunction to occur.

Kyusho Head Pressure Points Top 6

Now this is just a small list of the many, many excellent pressure point target on the head. For a complete list of over pressure point on the body have a look at Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy

Gall Bladder Cluster

5 of the 6 pressure points of the head listed about have link to articles about them.

I strongly suggest read each of the articles as they provide a lot of essential insformtion on those pressure points. 

However now I will give some details on the Gall Bladder Cluster. The Gall Bladder Cluster is pressure points GB-13, GB-14 and GB-15. 

Pressure Point GB-20

Also note that they form a triangle on the forehead.  These are excellent pressure points to strike in a self defense situation. While it is likely at a heel palm will connect with all 3 pressure points you will however get an excellent result contacting only one. All these 3 will cause brain dysfunctions like dizziness and disorientation. Unconsciousness is also very possible.

Bonus Kyusho Head Pressure Point

Below is a bonus pressure point of the head called the "mental nerve." This is about a 2 minute video I am sure you will enjoy!

Kyusho Head Pressure Points Conclusion

In Conclusion

Whenever you train with Kyusho Head Pressure Points always be aware that all of them are potentially dangerous.

You can never know the results of a strike to any part of the head and some areas are more sensitive than others. Be cautious not to cause a concussion to your training partner.

In self defense striking pressure point of the head is the best way to quickly end an attack. I would also like to give honorable mention to Pressure Point BL-10 as well. The article is linked. If you have any questions or comment please click here

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