Associated Alarm Point BL-22

Associated Alarm Point BL-22

Associated Alarm Point BL-22

I have done dozens of articles over the years on different pressure points of the body. And these have been very popular. Today I am going to look at something very powerful, that is Associated Alarm Point BL-22

This is the Associated Alarm Point for Triple Warmer. A few days back I did an article on the Alarm Point for Triple Warmer which is CV-05. I have linked article to Alarm Points, Associated Alarm Points and the Triple Warmer Meridian if you are not familiar with the terms.

Associated Alarm Point BL-22 - Location

BL-22 is 1.5 cun lateral to the lower border of the spinous process of the 1st lumbar vertebra of the spine. In the lumbodorsal fascia, between the Longissimus and iliocostalis muscles. 

Note while the Bladder Meridian is located on both sides of the spine, it is the right side we are concerned with here when talking about Associated Alarm Point BL-22.  Being the Associated Alarm Point for Triple Warmer it is right side only.

The left side is simply a Bladder Pressure Point and not the Associated Alarm Point  You strike this pressure point in and down for the best effect.


What happens when you strike BL-22? The effects is to disrupt the neurological aspects of the organ in question, which in this case is the hypothalamus.  This messes up the endocrine system of the body. The harder the strike the more potential to shut the neurological connection down. 

But the hypothalamus is in the brain, so how does this work? It causes the electrical current to "bleed" thus taking nerve function to to this loss from the hypothalamus. This also includes Chi Bleeding as well. You also need to realize this is all high frequency and therefore more susceptible to interference. 

Fainting is common with a solid strike, as well as disorientation. That makes following strikes easier to execute, and since the mind is not functioning so well the effects of other strikes become amplified. 

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

I have done several articles on different pressure point of the Triple Warmer Meridian.

And being this is an Associated Alarm Point we are looking at Triple Warmer not Bladder.

In my new eBook Mastering Triple Warmer Meridian I go into the amazing power of everything Triple Warmer. You may wish to check this out. 

If you are looking for a GREAT reference for all things Kyusho checkout the Encyclopedia of Kyusho below.

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Associated Alarm Point BL-22 - The Power of Triple Warmer Meridian
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