Kyusho Jitsu Education

Kyusho Jitsu Education

Kyusho Jitsu Education

I have written similar articles in the past. But today getting a Kyusho Jitsu Education is a little different. When I began my pressure point education in early 2001 things were straight forward. I drove once per month for a year to London Ontario Canada to be taught by a true Kyusho Jitsu legend Grand Master Steve Stewart. The after a year I made two journeys per month. 

This was exciting! But today with the lies perpetrated on society by corrupt governments, medical systems and media, the world is a far difference place. We are at war, even if most people do not see this because it is not conventional. However that may change.

Today a Kyusho Jitsu Education and martial arts training are more important than ever before.

 However you MUST BECOME SELF MOTIVATED or you will fail. There is no instructor standing before you to push you like in older days. My article "end of the martial arts dojo" talks about this more. Everything is moving online.

Changes Today

After the lies of the past year most children have lost so much time education wise they can never catch up. However it is not really a loss because the education system in the western world is a joke. It is a massive disservice to society and if I had young child today they would be taught at home. Education has an agenda and that is to program child to fail. 

But there is a silver lining because their always is! If you do some work you can find amazing information online today. Educational opportunities far beyond the main street. As an example I take online IT courses. From a private company interested in teaching people. Not to push some BS political point for view. However if you search from Google you won't find anything but crap. I never use Google for anything. This is a great search engine here. DuckDuckGo

Martial Arts Online

And the martial arts world has the same potential. And when it comes to online I have been leading the field for some time. On of my long time students, who resides in Malaysia Master Muhammad Ali has course at Udemy. Please have a look. Here is a LINK.  These courses are amazing! If you want some great organization of content this is amazing stuff!

But the fact is you today in order to succeed must become far more self motivated than ever before! You must become very discipled to succeed. Because no one is going to push you. Look today at how many people love the idea of just staying home and collecting an income from the government? I can only cll them PATHETIC.

I do not want anything from any government but to be left alone to succeed. And the feeling this brings, success is far greater then any other they of feeling I can explain. When someone as an example purchases my Kyusho Home Study Course and then emails questions about the content I still get very excited! 

Do not let life get in the way!

But I often see life will get in the way and then the focus is lost and does not return. Believe me I have had life get in the way countless times. But self disciple brings me back to center and I march on.  I get up before the sun everyday to answer emails, write articles, book and video to offer students the best possible information I can give.

And I have been doing this for decades.

I do not sit pissing and moaning like so many. Some of my former students from my Dojo days are professionals at this! 

In Conclusion

Kyusho Jitsu Education CONCLUSION

The only limit people have is their mind. If you feed your brain crap, like as an example the work of Commie Karl Marx, you will fail in life. Consume things that empower you, not crap from criminals that limit you! 

Today we have some amazing opportunities in front of us. Rather than whine and complain about the world seize the opportunity. 

We have a long hard road to recover from this past year. Many people are afraid, and so afraid they can no longer think. They will not survive these times. 

As frustrating as this is it is still an opportunity! Surround yourself with like minded people and get training! You will never regret training and learning. Martial arts is about Body Mind and Spirit. A Kyusho Jitsu Education is the MIND part. Your root art is the BODY and Chi is the SPIRIT.

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Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

GM Art Mason

GM Art Mason

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