All about Pressure Point TW-23 [Triple Warmer]

Pressure Point TW-23

Pressure Point TW-23

Today as I continue the series of different pressure points on the body i am going to checkout one on the head. This is a popular pressure point for knockouts. However "CARE" really needs to be used here as the pressure point is "dangerous." This is Pressure Point TW-23 [Triple Warmer or Triple Heater as it is often called]. You can get FREE Pressure Point Charts by clicking HERE.

Pressure Point TW-23 - Location

Pressure Point TW-23

The location of Pressure Point TW-23 is in the depression at the lateral end of the eyebrow, on the lateral border of the Zygomatic process of the frontal bone, in the orbicularis oculi muscle.  A strike to the area can cause a break in the ocular bone and serious damage to the eye. 

Pressure Point TW-23 - Effect

The Bones of the Face

The ocular bones are the weakest bones in the body and therefore will break very easily. Hitting TW-23 with any kind of force will increase the weakness of the muscles in the area. A knockout can result from a correct light strike in order to protect the eye, Hit downward towards the jaw. 

Many years ago back in the early 90's I had a friend serious hurt due to a strike to the area of Pressure Point TW-23 during a no contact Tae Kwon Do tournament. He required many, many hours of reconstructive surgery. And he lost partial vision in the eye. He was not hit very hard either! This is why I always advise caution with the pressure point!

Therefore please use this pressure point with extreme caution! Below is a video of a Neurological Knockout I did at TW-23 many years ago. Note the light tap for this one. On the street you would hit HARD.

The student went out very easy, mostly because he had been used several times for knockouts during the evening. However it gets the point across. I do have a much better one however YouTube deleted it on me. At a later time I will upload it to another less political platform. 

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

As you can see from all this information TW-23 is a very powerful pressure point. But remember caution is needed with this one. Death is a possibility under the right conditions as well as permanent eye damage.

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Pressure Point TW-23 [Triple Warmer] - A Dangerous Pressure Point
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