Pressure Point Brain Dysfunction. How to make an attacker dizzy.

* Pressure Point Brain Dysfunction

Pressure Point Knockouts are a controversial subject, but they should not be controversial at all. The issue is that they have been poorly explained over the years, and this is why the controversy.  So today I will explain exactly what we are dealing with. I call this Pressure Point Brain Dysfunction because it is the use of pressure points to cause a  brain dysfunction. 

Pressure Point Brain Dysfunction - Brain Dysfunction

First let me explain the term brain dysfunction. A brain dysfunction is anytime the brain stops reacting to the world in a "normal" manner. This can be caused by many different things. It can be a minor problem or something very serious like a brain tumor. Mental disorders are also brain dysfunctions.

Drinking alcohol, smoking pot or using any kind of drug causes a brain dysfunction to one degree or another. Pain killers as an example interfere with the pain receptors in the body, blocking pain. This is also a dysfunction to some degree. 

When we strike a pressure point we are looking to by disrupting the flow of electricity at a nerve to cause a dysfunction or for the purpose of the article a pressure point brain dysfunction. This can be anything from pain to unconsciousness.

Pressure Point Knockouts - Pressure Point Brain Dysfunction

* Pressure Point Brain Dysfunction

What people see when they watch a pressure point knockout is not what they are expecting. They get an image in their minds like that of a boxing or MMA fight in which one of the combatants is completely unconscious. 

Now despite the rather barbaric enjoyment of the fans this is always a highly dangerous situation. These kinds of knockouts while neurological and certainly a brain dysfunction are also linked in with brain damage and/or concussion. And this can be deadly! This is why caution must also be used with Kyusho Jitsu knockouts as they can be very dangerous.

When training to do neurological pressure point knockout we must be very cautious of the health of our Uki or training partner. No one needs a concussion! Therefore we are looking for signs of brain dysfunction to judge our results. This can be dizziness, loss of balance, speech slurring, dilated pupils and the list goes on and on. 

Sometimes if the pressure point has been activated correctly we will get complete unconsciousness. Most of the time this is achieved by those who have trained the longest in Kyusho Jitsu and have the most refined knowledge.

Pressure Point Brain Dysfunction - What happens

When you strike a pressure point, and what is a pressure points,[?]"A pressure point is a place on the body where a nerve ends or terminates, where it branches off like in a "Y" formation or crosses another nerve," it will cause a compression of the nerve which results in great pain. Or in the case of certain pressure points an over loading and reaction from the central nervous system and/or brain dysfunction.

And with 361 plus pressure points on the body, [see Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy] there is a lot of opportunity for attack. However there is opportunity only for those who sincerely do the work and study!

Pressure Point Brain Dysfunction in Conclusion

Pressure Point Brain Dysfunction  CONCLUSION

I hope this article on Pressure Point Brain Dysfunction helps you to get a better understanding of what neurological pressure point knockouts are about.

As an example in a "bad situation" I target GB-20 with a strike and cause the attacker to drop to his knees dizzy,  I have the time I need to escape the bad situation as he or she recovers from the strike.

One of the things to always remember also is self defense is complicated. it is not a fight like 2 idiots in a bar. And it is NOT COMBAT. By definition combat is WAR, and that is kill or be killed mentality!

Self Defense is about survival, which is the only victory! Check out our Humane Pressure Point Tactics Courses if you have an extra moment. I am sure you will find the information interesting. Plus get a free video lesson too! 

I hope I made this understanding of pressure point brain dysfunction clear for you. I hope you enjoyed reading about Pressure Point Brain Dysfunction. 

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