Martial Art Defensive Tactics

Martial Art Defensive Tactics

* Martial Art Defensive Tactics

My main focus when it comes to martial arts is self defense. I have no interest in the sport aspects, not that sport is necessarily a bad thing. However today in the martial art world the focus has come off Martial Art Defensive Tactics in favor of other, far less effective ideas and purposes. 

Why is Martial Art Defensive Tactics so important? Because the best defense is not the best offense. That does apply in a ring, but it does not apply when someone has a knife and is thinking about ending your life. 

Martial Art Defensive Tactics - Let me elaborate

Successful self defense depends on many different things. One of the most important is your ability to "respond" to a situation, not just react! Response comes from being in control of your mind, which is stressed in the idea that martial arts is a body-mind-spirit journey. When you are governed by your emotions you are destine to lose because you are not going to "counter" what is happening. You become ridged and make a easy target or victim.

And today most martial arts are being taught from an aggressive standpoint. Which is why so many people fail in self defense situations. This is just bad from so many angles I won't even address them in this article.

Defensive Tactics

What are defensive tactics? Let's take a look at some samples. 

  • Communication - This is number one! Can you de-escalate the situation?
  • What part of my environment can I use for my advantage? 
  • Are there other players I am not yet aware of?
  • What escalation point are we at in this? What is the real threat level?
Attacked Tonight on the Way Home

All of the above must be decided in an instant! None of this is included in most martial art training today!

What do you need? The foundation is training in a SOLID defense focused root art. There is no point is naming styles as this has now become completely dependent on the instructor and what their goals and focus is. 

Second is the addition of the pressure point science known as Kyusho Jitsu. This system of study helps you to make your defense root martial art more effective! It increased your abilility to use martial art defensive tactics to great efficiency. 

And you can begin the Kyusho Jitsu journey FREE from this link.

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Chance favors the prepared mind. Not properly training is a big mistake.

Thinking you know what the reality of the street is, is also a big mistake!

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Martial Art Defensive Tactics - We MUST go back to Basics!
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Martial Art Defensive Tactics - We MUST go back to Basics!
In the martial arts world today there is not enough Martial Art Defensive Tactics taught. As the dangers of the world increase we must go back to basics.
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