Attacking Alarm Point CO-12. What is the Stomach Alarm Point?

* Attacking Alarm Point CO-12

Attacking Alarm Point CO-12: Today I am going to be launching a new series of articles on "attacking" certain important pressure points on the body. And today we will have a look at Attacking Alarm Point CO-12 which is the arm point for Stomach. For a more detailed look at the function of Alarm Points follow this link.

Attacking Alarm Point CO-12 - Functioning 

Located centerline of the body on the Conception Vessel midway between the umbilicus and the xiphoid process. [Navel and bottom center of the ribs]. This pressure point in struck in and down.

The best striking action for the Conception Vessel is grasping. This will yield the strongest reaction and therefore result. 

The results of attacking Alarm Point CO-12 are very important. Once activated because this is the Alarm Point for the Stomach Meridian this means that Stomach is now activated bilaterally on the body at a high level. Do you see the power in Alarm Point CO-12?

* Attacking Alarm Point CO-12

At this point a light strike to ST-05 will result in dizziness while a stronger hit will result in a knockout.  This is certainly enough to end most attacks, however there is much more to look at here. Let's go deeper into Alarm Point CO-12.

Alarm Point CO-12 - High Level Results

Because Attacking Alarm Point CO-12 is so effective and because it is an Alarm Point lets take a look at the other effects. 

Attacking this pressure point because it is on the conception vessel will result in the activation of ALL THE YIN MERIDIANS on the body. Think about that for a moment.  So what happens because of the activation?

For starters you now have the ENTIRE 5 parts of the Cycle of Destruction with ONE STRIKE. This Alarm Point opens up a smorgasbord of followup strikes that will result in a knockout

Let's look at 3 easy knockouts from here aside from ST-05

  1. GB-20 Striking GB-20 immediately after attacking Alarm Point CO-12 will result in a knockout. Your fire and metal hand can then follow up to wood and the knockout will follow with little force or effort. If you are off target you will see a great deal of brain dysfunction.
  2. GB-24 - This is the perfect setup pressure point for a body knockout. When striking GB-24 you will also hit LV-13. Both are Alarm Points. The result will be a knockout.
  3. SP-11 - Being that all Yin on the body are active this will cause a strong reaction from attacking Spleen. With a medium to hard front kick to SP-11 a knockout will occur!

Alarm Point CO-12 in Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

I hope you can now see the great potential in understanding not just Alarm Points, Alarm Point CO-12 but also the 15 Principles of Kyusho Jitsu

And having an in depth knowledge of what the function of each pressure point is will increase your potential and effectiveness. 

This is the reason that last year I wrote the eBook Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy. Thank you for reading about Attacking Alarm Point CO-12. 

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