5 Best Combat Pressure Points

5 Best Combat Pressure Points

* Best Combat Pressure Points

I do not personally like the word "combat" being used in the martial arts. But that is because I am a man who believes words have meaning and cannot be interchanged because someone wishes to. A great example of this today is the misuse of the word "phobia." That means an irrational fear of. Because I disagree with an ideology or way of life does not mean I am afraid of it. Anyway, lets today look at the 5 Best Combat Pressure Points. 

So when I say the 5 Best Combat Pressure Points, what is it I am referring to? Combat is essentially a military term for engagement with an enemy. I do not consider the meaning to apply to martial arts because martial arts is about self defense training in peaceful times.

And that is OK. So the best combat pressure points need to be very specific. Therefore to the purpose of this article they mean pressure points with a very predictable result and no setup required. 

Best Combat Pressure Points

With this in mind I am going to provide you with a list below, and a link to a more detailed explanation of each pressure point. One of my students left my school back in 2006 to join the Canadian military. He commented of all the things he learned in training under me that the pressure point information was really the only part that translated and worked in hand to hand, kill or be kill combat.

I wish more people understood this.

#1 Pressure Point GB-20

Best Combat Pressure Points

The first pressure point on this list is GB-20. Why is that? Because of its relationship to the occipital nerve at the back of the head it is an excellent pressure point to cause massive brain dysfunction.

And as an added bonus it is a "blind strike" which means the person does not see it coming, and therefore cannot mount any real defense. 

#2 Pressure Point BL-10

Next is a very dangerous pressure point. This is Pressure Point BL-10. Perhaps one of the most dangerous pressure points on the body this one fits the criteria of Best Combat Pressure Points perfectly. 

BL-10 is also tied in with the occipital nerve and the brain dysfunction associated with this.  BL-10 is also a kill shot. Hit correctly you can cause damage to the brainstem which is right there, with very little tissue to protect it. 

It's position at the back of the head also makes for another important "blind strike."

Best Combat Pressure Points

#3 Pressure Point SP-21

Best Combat Pressure Points

Pressure Point SP-21 is located on the ribs, about center of the bicep with the arms hanging. The exact location is on the lateral aspect of the chest, on the mid-axillary line, in the 6th intercostal space.

An intercostal space is the "meat" between the ribs which is a hotbed for nerves! 

A solid strike to this area can break ribs, cause lung punctures and has the potential to stop the heart. And its location at the weakest point in the rib cage is a definte bonus! 

#4 Pressure Point ST-09

Again we look at a very dangerous pressure point, and how, like the above this is a one shot kill. Pressure Point ST-09 is located right over the carotid sinus. The carotid sinus is a Baroreceptor, whose purpose is to detect an increase in blood pressure.

When it detects an increase, it sends a signal to the vasomotor center of the via the vagus nerve. This initiates a Vasodilatation, and slowing of the heart rate to lower the blood pressure to normal.

Striking the area will cause an immediate drop in blood pressure resulting in unconsciousness and potential death. 

The Pressure Point Stomach 5

Damage to the carotid artery and sinus are possible which if not treated immediately will result in death. This is a dangerous pressure point, but definitely one of the very best combat pressure points. 

#5 Pressure Point HT-01

* Best Combat Pressure Points

I have only written about HT-01 in my book Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy. However it is a very dangerous pressure point. The location is in the arm pit itself.

The pressure point is right over the top of the axillary artery  and therefore great artery damage is also done when this pressure point is struck.

A medium strike, especially on the left side of the body will stop the heart instantly. Lighter strikes will damage the shoulder and cause sever brain dysfunction. This is a fight stopper no matter how you use it. 

in Conclusion

I hope you found this article to be of benefit to you. I also hope my have given you a deeper understand of just how dangerous pressure points can be.

This is lost knowledge today. Please consider sharing these posts with like minded people. 

Best Combat Pressure Points CONCLUSION

You can find information on every pressure point on the body with my eBook Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy. Please check it out now. 

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