Deadly Pressure Point KD-21

Deadly Pressure Point KD-21

* Deadly Pressure Point KD-21

We hear the stories all the time, more often than anyone wants too. A child is hit by a baseball or soccer ball in the chest and dies on the field. Doctors who are not versed in eastern medicine have no idea as to why. But the answer is the child was struck with the correct "spin" at Deadly Pressure Point KD-21, usually on the left side of the body. 

Deadly Pressure Point KD-21 Location & Affects

The location of Deadly Pressure Point KD-21 is 6 cun above the umbilicus, and 0.5 cun lateral to CV-14. This is an extremely dangerous point as it combines a serious shock to the life
force meridian.  The shock also is crossing over to CV-14 which in itself
is a very dangerous pressure point.

Correct striking of KD-21 will result in immediate heart stoppage that requires reverse CPR to be immediately administered, or a defibrillator unit to shock the heart back into action. 

Reverse CPR is covered in details in my Kyusho Home Study Course.

Notice in the image to the right the position of the pads from the defibrillator? Which pressure points are being shocked?

* Deadly Pressure Point KD-21

Striking Actions & Angle - Direction

In order to get the result you must attack Deadly Pressure Point KD-21 with the correct striking action, plus the correct angle and direction. And we must not forget 2 Way Action

So how does this cause death from a strike by a ball? It does defy the odds when it happens.

The ball must hit the "heart side" or the left side of the body, dead on the pressure point, but spinning "clockwise." This is the only way to get the heart stoppage result! If you strike the other side of the body the strike would be anti-clockwise. 

As for a strike itself, you would attack with a "grasping" action for water, spinning with the right hand in an upset or clockwise direction. Therefore this will interrupt the hearts electrical connections to the brain and cause the stoppage. 

This is accomplished with a high-medium to heavy strike. And a softer strike will result in brain dysfunction as well as spasms of the diaphragm resulting in dangerous breathing  issues which could also result in death.

I cover healing this issue in my Kyusho Healing Course.  Deadly Pressure Point KD-21 falls into the category of a "Combat Pressure Point."

In Conclusion

Deadly Pressure Point KD-21 CONCLUSION

And I am sure you can see how dangerous this pressure point is and that is should never be used for demonstration purposes.

Striking the pressure point is very straight forward and require little training.

But extreme caution needs to always be used.

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Deadly Pressure Point KD-21 - The Heart Stop Pressure Point
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