Collateral Pressure Points

Collateral Pressure Points

( Collateral Pressure Points

Today I am going to get into some seriously advanced Kyusho Jitsu. A few days ago I wrote an article on Confluent Pressure Points which I hope you got to read.  Collateral Pressure Points are a topic very few really know about or understand. They are critical to the understanding and application of Dim Mak Principles and tie directly to another very difficult Principle of Kyusho Jitsu which is the 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle.

First I am going to break this all down, and then give you a way in which to tie this information all together. So hold on!

Collateral Pressure Points Breakdown

The follow points connect to meridians not normally charted. They run deep and will connect directly to other meridians as you will see in the chart.

1. Lung 7 – Connects to the Large Intestine Meridian.
2. Small Intestine 7 – Connect to the Heart Meridian.
3. Stomach 40 – Connect to the Spleen Meridian.
4. Spleen 4 – Connect to the Stomach Meridian
5. Liver 6 – Connect to the Lung Meridian
6. Bladder 58 – Connects to the Kidney Meridian
7. Kidney 4 – Connects to the Bladder Meridian
8. Pericardium 6 – Connect to Triple Warmer Meridian
9. Triple Warmer 5 – Connect to Pericardium Meridian
10. Gall Bladder 37 – Connect to the Liver Meridian
11. Liver 5 – Connect to Gall Bladder
12. Conception 15 – Connect to Governor Vessel
13. Governor 1 – Connect to the Conception Vessel
14. Heart 5 – Connect to Small Intestine
15. Spleen 21 – Major Collateral connect and wraps around the entire chest.

You will notice, I hope that we have 2 pressure points listed that just keep showing up! The first is PC-06 which is also a Confluent Pressure Point, plus I consider a Special Alarm Point. Then we have SP-21, which is arguable the most dangerous pressure point on the body. Also a Special Alarm Point.

Everything is connected.  This subject is far to difficult for a simple written explanation. This information is also heavily tied to body health and healing. Check my article on Quantum Healing with Chi Development and hopefully you will begin to connect the dots here. 

Watch this Video!

In Conclusion

I hope you see the massive power of this understanding. Yes it is a LOT to digest. But Kyusho Jitsu is about a journey not a destination. And I am doing my best to give you the best information on earth! Thank you for reading Collateral Pressure Points.

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Grand Master Art Mason

GM Art Mason

GM Art Mason

Collateral Pressure Points - Get a DEEP Quantum Leap in Kyusho
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Collateral Pressure Points - Get a DEEP Quantum Leap in Kyusho
Collateral Pressure Points are one of the most advanced & difficult understandings in Kyusho Jitsu. Ties to Dim Mak & the Diurnal Cycle.
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