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martial arts training

The martial arts world has changed so very much since I was in my youth and began the journey.  Now this is only opinion, based on what I think. That does not mean I am right or this is true. My ego is not big enough to assume I am right.  So today we will discuss a little martial arts training, the body - mind and spirit.

Martial Arts Training - Focus

Today the focus of martial arts training seems to be on the BODY. I look at some of the amazing physical feats people can perform. I think this may have been part of the natural evolution. And self improvement requires great disciple. So these acrobatic feats, feats of strength and endurance etc are impressive.

But training beyond this seems to not exist. Why do I think this? Because many have said this to me over the last few years. Looking to see if I see it too. Martial Arts training has changed, but it is for the better?

Missing Links of Training

yusho Jitsu has been maligned for years. Actually I think it is a personal attack on George Dillman more then Kyusho. But again I could be dead wrong.  But one reason I see is that Kyusho is not a physical pursuit and people think it should be.  

It is a study of the mind. And honestly not everyone can do it. And today that statement will get me attacked. But it would not be the first time. 

* Martial Arts Training

Not all people are able to do all things. That is not a reflection on them. I would make a terrible musician. Others are brilliant. This is called life and no ammount of political bullshit can change this. 

The issue however is that when someone does not realize that Kyusho is an intellectual entity, then they tend to just mock what they think they see. This is also goes hand in hand when we only focus on physical training and not mental training, expanding the mind. Our minds close and we become very opinionated.

Time has NO MERCY

The big issue with this focus on intense physical training is it is not sustainable! No matter what you feel about that. The body wears out, especially when you use it hard and without rest.  When we are young we never believe we will one day we will be old. That the body will falter and betray us. But time has no mercy.

I have a 5th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo that I typically do not talk about. The reason I bring this up is I also did all the high, jumping flying fancy kicks. Today as I approach the winter of my life I have bad hips, bad knees and a severed hamstring. But the instructors in TKD do not tell the students what they have to look forward too! And this does not include the head injuries of today's competition!

* Martial Arts Training

And sorry TKD people, there is much more to martial arts than fancy kicks!

Sometimes I wish I could grab the younger generation of martial artist and shake them. Tell them "your training is not even close to being finished."  Tell them to stop mocking what they are not mature enough to understand.  But I know they will not hear me!  

Secrets Kept

Many things have been kept from us by the masters of old. I have been lucky to have had people who wish to share these knowledge's with me. Things like Kyusho Jitsu and Octagon Theory.  Without this kind of information there cannot be a connection from the body to mind and then the spirit. And that is the ultimate goal.  If the mind is not properly exercised, then you only have the body-mind connection. And this connection is reserved only for muscle memory type of improvement.

What other issues come from this incomplete training? Loss of mental focus, inability to control emotions, and tendency to fall for extreme views.  Education today has become indoctrination in a viewpoint, with nothing of substance there.

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Bruce Lee's quote "all knowledge is self knowledge." echoes in my mind. This is one of the greatest truths ever spoken. And martial arts needs to refocus on the Body - Mind - Spirit of training. Change its direction to what matters in life.

Hopefully this will happen in time.  Martial Arts training came from Buddhism, and the quest for self knowledge. 

Self knowledge is not about egotism, barbarianism and extreme views.

It is about the balance of the body, the mind and the spirit. But the path has no destination. It is the journey that matters. I welcome your comment below. If you are new to the science of pressure point self defense checkout my FREE Courses Here!

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Martial Arts Training - It's about Body - Mind and Spirit
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