3 Pressure Point Knockout Combinations. What is the Secret?

Learn 3 Pressure Point Knockout Combinations

Are Pressure Point Knockouts real? If they are then how do Pressure Point Knockouts work?  I am asked this question often. Therefore today I am going to give you  3 Pressure Point Knockout Combinations that you can begin to use right away!

*Warning - please always train doing pressure point knockouts with proper instruction*

The first thing I want to clarify with this post is that these knockouts will work. However depending on your root art and style of movement you may or may not be able to incorporate these.

They also tend to be "static" which is part of the learning experience. How you get to these 3 Pressure Point Knockout Combinations will be up to you. But I will give you the basics.

First I need to note that all attacks are based on ONLY 3 possibilities. 3 different ways someone can attack you. Today I will give an example from one of each. 

The 3 methods of attack are:

  1. Push
  2. Grab 
  3. Punch

Pressure Point Knockout Combinations - A push

Pressure Point Knockout Combinations

The first and most basic of attacks is from a push. In my Humane Pressure Point Tactics Courses I teach how you can absorb these pushes and trap the hand coming forward. This allows for a fast and easy setup by trapping the hand to part of your body, lets say KD-27 for the purpose of this article. 

With some training you can then trap using your HT-8 point in alignment with their TW-3. If they are touching Kidney in this case noted you have Water and Fire together in the cycle of destruction. Thus beginning your setup.

If the push is against your left shoulder you would absorb and then return to position turning them away from you. This would expose GB-31 for a knee tap. Also exposing ST-5 for your right hand and a strike from back to front. Plus this gives you all 5 elements in the cycle of destruction and if ST-5 is hit well and deep knockout.

Pressure Points Used on Attacker

Pressure Points Used on Self

  • KD-27 Water
  • HT-08 Fire
  • Hand strike gives fire and metal. It is low metal, but that is not an issue. Sound could be added to enhance the attack.

Unfortunately a video demonstrating this has been deleted by YouTube. Anytime I speak of "self defense" on YouTube and demonstrate a knockout they consider this offensive and a violation of policy. I wish I was kidding. But your RIGHT to Self Defense in the 21st Century is under attack by these politically correct clowns.

Pressure Point Knockout Combinations - A Grab

Video removed due to issue, however TW-23 can be a dangerous pressure point as it protects the ocular bone and a hard strike therefore can damage the bone and the eye. However a light tap is OK. This knockout comes from a combination of below.

Pressure Points on the Attacker

Pressure Points on Self

  • HT-08 on the strike
  • Water from the movement

Pressure Point Knockout Combinations - A Punch

Next we look at the punch. Below is another video for you to enjoy. I will break it down afterwards.

In this knockout I am using a fire stance, and attacking all the Yin meridians on the arm. And this gives me a lot of fire and metal. Here is a breakdown of points and other elements.

Pressure Points on the Attacker
Pressure Points Used on Self
  • HT-8 (Hand)
  • Fire Stance

Here we are using a short cycle of destruction which are water, fire and metal. The water element comes when I step into the fire stance. Any time you break ground with Kidney 1 you create water.

3 Pressure Point Knockout Combinations in Conclusion

Pressure Point Knockout Combinations

One of the things you need to understand about Pressure Point Knockout Combinations and being success is how the different pressure points work!

Without this understanding it is very difficult to get good at this part of the art. And especially to apply it on the streets!

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