Extraordinary Pressure Points M-Hn-9. Why so painful?

The Extraordinary Pressure Points M-Hn-9

Pain is a wonderful thing when it comes to self defense and Extraordinary Pressure Points M-Hn-9 is one of the excruciatingly painful pressure points when attacked correctly. 

So today let's as a bonus take a look at this little gem of a pressure point. The first thing I will address before we move on is what an Extraordinary Pressure Point is. 

After the original 361 pressure points were mapped others were discovered. These pressure points, which are nerve ends, do not lie on a meridian. However they do "tend" to take on the characteristics of the meridian they are closest to.

As an example MU-E-28 which is on the Ulna bone takes on the characteristics of the Heart Meridian. 

Extraordinary Pressure Points M-Hn-9 - Location & Affect

As you can see in the image above Extraordinary Pressure Points M-Hn-9 is located on the face, approximately one thumb nail above LI-20. This lies very close to a cavity in the skull, which you can feel with your fingers on your own face.

The Facial Nerves

At this area there is a facial nerve that branches into a "Y". The pressure point is attack by pushing in, and rubbing towards the outside.

This causes an acceleration in energy and immense pain.  If you seal the back of the head with the other hand this intensify the pain! 

The head with rotate in the direction of the pressure of the rub allowing for control of the attacker. You would strike the Extraordinary Pressure Points M-Hn-9 in the same direction. 

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Extraordinary Pressure Point are fascinating. These pressure points were mapped after the original set of 361.

There is much question about the exact numbers of Extraordinary Pressure Points, however there are a handful that are excellent for usage in Kyusho Jitsu training.  

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Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy 

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I then realized the need for a very comprehensive book of pressure points for the Kyusho Jitsu student, rather then the acupuncture student. Thus Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy was born! And it included information on Extraordinary Pressure Points M-Hn-9 and all the others.

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