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Top 5 Ways to Master Kyusho Jitsu

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Today the Top 5 Ways or Tips to Master Kyusho Jitsu. The mind works in a certain way regardless of what you might think. You may be getting a good result now with your training, or a poor result. But if you follow this Top 5 Ways to Master Kyusho Jitsu your rate of retention and effectiveness will sore!

Master Kyusho Jitsu Tip #1

Kyusho Jitsu Seminars

This one might seem to be very obvious, but you would be surprised how many people do not get it. You MUST DO THE TRAINING. Your years of experience in your root art have great value. But no matter how long you have trained you cannot simply read a book, or watch a video and think you "understand it."

Experience can shorten the path, but not eliminate it. And to be very honest I have seen a lot of bad Kyusho out there.

Master Kyusho Jitsu Tip #2

Copious Notes. You need to keep copious, detailed notes on everything!  The memory system works by association.

On average a person who watches a video or reads a book chapter on a any subject will retain less than 20% of the information after 1 hour. 

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Re-reading or watching something a second time does not dramatically increase retention. It helps. But taking notes can increase your retention up to 80% on the first pass. And the neater the notes, done in cursive writing works far better then printing. 

And typing into a laptop does nothing at all for retention. There is some about the act of writing that is the best possible way.

Master Kyusho Jitsu Tip #3

Attend seminars. Seminars are interesting and educational opportunities you do not want to miss.

The assembly of other martial arts students does something for the brains ability to absorb materials. Some of the Kyusho Jitsu legends became great by following Grand Master Dillman around the country attending his seminars.

Master Kyusho Jitsu Seminar

But DO NOT FORGET the 2nd Tip! You must take notes at the seminars!

Master Kyusho Jitsu Tip #4

Networking. Social Media for most people today is their master! You can see it very plain of you look at how much time your friends spend on Facebook. However, when used correctly Social media is a great servant!

You can join Facebook Groups like mine, the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance here. Networking with like minded people can make a dramatic difference in the effectiveness of your training.

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Master Kyusho Jitsu Tip #5

This one may surprise you. And it can vary somewhat from student to student.  Keep your training personal and do not spend a lot of time trying to sell what you are doing to friends or family. 

If you are involved in Kyusho because of your root art instructor, that is great! But if you are pursuing this alone you are best to keep it quiet!

People love to squash others ambitions and dreams. Why? Because the are envious, and lazy themselves. You do not need the "good opinions" of others. This applies to pretty much anything you do, 

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In Conclusion

Master Kyusho Jitsu  CONCLUSION

I hope you got some good advice here in this article.

These are actually excerpts from my new eBook coming in September 2019.

The book is called 101 ways to Master Kyusho Jitsu. And yes there are at least 101 ways!

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Grand Master Art Mason

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