Correct Kyusho Angle And Direction. How Does This Work?

* Kyusho Angle and Direction

What is meant by correct Kyusho Angle and Direction? The subject is actually more in depth than the average Kyusho Jitsu student realizes. There are many different levels to this. On the surface, the first reference to this is in novice teaching. and that is simply that when attacking a pressure point you strike at a 45 degree angle using 2 Way Action

And at first that is really all you need to know. Doing this will get you a result. Next building upon this idea you teach the student about the different basic striking modalities. And this leads into the first of the 5 basic Kyusho Jitsu Principles. And I will build up this more as we go along here.

Stand and Fight

At first the student of Kyusho, learning the basics, is in a position were he or she will stand and fight. Therefore the idea of Kyusho Angle and Direction is very easy to learn. You are striking and not doing much moving. Many martial arts today because they are sport based have no issue the idea of standing in front of the attacker, in the conflict zone and exchanging blows.

However as one ages, and takes on damage this is a failed idea. Understanding this stage is important, and we do teach students wrong on purpose. Hence this must be evolved! However at this stage I will also teach Kyusho principle four, Body Mechanics

But most of all Body Mechanics is far more than just a principle of Kyusho Jitsu. It is one of the most important principles in all of martial arts. And this is the point in which your stances come into play. Martial arts goes from linear to more circular. You are taught stances in a linear fashion, but once you get to the next step you see stances completely differently. ALl this adds up to correct Kyusho Angle And Direction.

Importantly also, when a student does not go beyond this point in learning they quit and say pressure points do not work. This is because standing and fighting does not work, not because pressure points don't work.  You must have correct Kyusho Angle And Direction.

Kyusho Angle And Direction - Octagon movement

Secrets of the Octagon

Body mechanics that result from movement in the Octagon change everything. This becomes the ultimate of reaching correct Kyusho Angle and Direction. And this also opens up all the pressure points of the body, including the highly dangerous back pressure points

Teachings of the Octagon are part of the art of Kosho Shorie Ryu. I have been teaching this information to my kyusho students since day one. It is a cornerstone of my root art of Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido

My Dojo in Canada, Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts Institute, actively teaching Kosho today and has done so for better than 20 years. It is part of all that we do there. Without correct Kyusho Angle And Direction you will fail in your results.

Kyusho Angle And Direction In Conclusion

Kyusho Angle and Direction CONCLUSION

The learning of Kosho Ryu and integrating the information into your root art takes it from a reactionary martial arts to a preparatory martial art.

Pressure Points are part of Kosho, and that knowledge was never removed. Most importantly here if you learn Kyusho Jitsu with Kosho, as I teach it also you become devastating. 

This is something I hope to bring to all Kosho students also. There will be information below to learn more about Kosho Ryu if you are interested. And read this new article on the World Budo Alliance website called Kosho and the Wolf

If you are new to pressure points, Kyusho Jitsu I have some FREE Kyusho Courses for you. Thank youf reading Correct Kyusho Angle And Direction.

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