Which Martial Arts is Best?

* Which Martial Arts is Best

Which Martial Arts is best for today's ever increasingly dangerous streets? And more importantly WHY is one better then another? This is a complex subject. So today I will go into details about improving what you are doing and making your root art much more effective.

The first step I need to take is Sport vs Traditional. There are many sport advocates who believe that MMA training or other sport oriented martial arts are the answer to this question.

Which Martial Arts is Best?

The truth is they are NOT. Sport and street do not mix! Why do I say this? Yes there are "sport" fighters who have successfully defended themselves on the streets. But there are far more who have been destroyed.

Why is that? Because sport depends on physical conditioning. And physical conditioning, while important cannot be maintained over a lifetime. No matter how dedicated the student.

Timing cannot be maintained, and neither can the ability to take on physical punishment and damage. 

If you like sport, good for you! However be realistic enough to know that by its very nature solves nothing. 

Which Martial Arts is Best - Reactionary Martial Arts

The first category I want to talk about in "which Martial Arts is best" is what I call reactionary martial arts. This is were you "wait" for a punch or kick to come and then react to this with a technique of application. This is based on the idea that you need to stand and fight. 

This type of style also puts the defender at great risk for taking on damage. Most traditional martial arts today are taught this way! My first art, Kuk Sul Hapkido was taught in this manner. Every counter was a reaction to what the attacker did. But this is always after the fact. 

This requires a great level of skill and timing. The problem is that as we get older, both of these elements are hard to maintain. The funny part is, the reason is because of the way in which martial arts came to the west! The teaching was never finished. 

Which Martial Arts is Best - Why reactionary?

Teaching reactionary martial arts skills first develops muscle memory and lets the student get used to be attacked. But if the education is not continued, then as the student ages their skill level drops with them. This is why when I opened my Dojo Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts Institute, I began a journey of learning and development which continues today.

And this is why so many people cannot get Kyusho Jitsu to work! It is because they are practicing a Reactionary Martial Art! To try to compensate for this issue some instructors are teaching their students "preemptive striking." This is often taught in Krav Maga and is in my opinion a reckless idea. Aside from the truth you are starting the fight and this violates the ethics that should be in any real martial arts it is also ASSAULT

If you are learning this ask your instructor if he or she is going to bail you out of jail and pay your legal fees. And this can also lead to the "instructor" being charged with negligence for teaching this crap. Preemptive striking is ego based teaching.

Which Martial Arts is Best - Preparatory Martial Arts

This answers the question which Martial Arts is best? This is a martial art that first identifies that everything you as the student does is in response to what the attacker does, not in reaction too what they do. 

These are the "Escaping Martial Arts." Does this mean you run away? No, it means you are first avoiding the initial attack, escaping from the first punch, and then counter as required.  You move as soon as the attack begins to move, thereby controlling their target, and interfering with their attack. 

Now it is much more complicated that this explanation, but I am sure you getting the idea. 

Learning this kind of martial arts requires a dedicated student. And it must be one who is willing to leave his ego at the door.  Someone with a student mind. 

Which Martial Arts is Best in Conclusion

Which Martial Arts is Best

I am coming up on 40 years in the martial arts.

And I continue my personal growth by learning as much as I can, and train as often as I can. But you can be training while walking down a street. And you should be training this way. So which martial arts is best?

 In my view the one based on the original teaching from China, in Japanese Kosho Ryu.  Thank you for reading my editorial article on Which Martial Arts is Best.

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