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Deadly Back Pressure Points


Deadly Back Pressure Points

* Deadly Back Pressure Points

Today I a going to look at the most Deadly Back Pressure Points! This is going to be a list that includes the back and the back of the head and neck. Please note all pressure points on the back have the potential to be very dangerous! Therefore extreme care needs to be used when training to assure Uki safety!

Deadly Back Pressure Points - BL-10

This is perhaps the most dangerous of all pressure points on the back of the body! BL-10 has been covered in a previous article which is linked but it is well worth a second look. 

Pressure Point BL-10 is located 1.3 cun lateral to GV-15, within the posterior hairline on the lateral side of the trapezium in the origin of the trapezium and in its deep position in the semispinalis capitis muscle. 

* Dim Mak Pressure Point BL-10

And BL-10 is found just below the Medulla Oblongata, which is the lowest part of the brain stem. It is about two centimetres long.

The nerve fibers cross here, causing one side of the brain to receive information from the opposite side of the body. This is the control centre of the brain for many vital bodily functions. Therefore making the area very dangerous.

Hence one of the very dangerous effects of a strike here is damage to the brain stem which is right there! Unconsciousness will result and potential death and delayed death (Dim Mak) if a Chi strike is used and the electrical system is disrupted. 

Therefore please read the article linked above for greater details!

Deadly Back Pressure Points - GB-20

Not quite as dangerous, however very effective is Pressure Point GB-20.  

The 5 Best Knockout Pressure Points

GB-20 is located on the back of the head at the posterior aspect of the neck, below the occipital bone, in the depression between the upper portion of the Sternocleidomastoideus muscle and the Trapezius muscle.

A low to medium strike will cause a knockout and a hard strike can result in brain damage. Great local pain is also present with any strike. Concussions are always a risk with head pressure points. 

While Pressure Point GB-20 is commonly used for demonstrations of Neurological Knockouts there are dangers associated with it that do need to be addressed. While no where near as dangerous as BL-10 caution still needs to be used on this pressure point. 

GB-20 lies on the Greater Occipital Nerve as you can see in the diagram above. This is obviously tied into the functions of the Trapezius Muscle [Left] as well as other functions. 

Deadly Back Pressure Points - Bladder Meridian

For this the final part of the article Deadly Back Pressure Points I am going to address the Bladder Meridian on the right side of the body versus specific pressure points.  

The reason begin is this is the path of the Associated Alarm Points which basically makes everything dangerous and deadly!

Striking Associated Alarm Points like as an example BL-15. Pressure Point BL-15 is the Associated Alarm Point for the Heart.  And striking this pressure point has a direct effect on the neurological aspects of the heart itself. 

The Associated Alarm Points

In other words a correct strike with 2 Way Action, plus correct direction will stop the heart immediately! 

This applies to all Associated Alarm Points and the organ they represent! Please read that article on Associated Alarm Points

In Conclusion

Deadly Back Pressure Points CONCLUSION

I am sure from this article you can see the importance of the study of these specific pressure points and the entire area.

In fact I could discuss almost every pressure point! And please remember this blog with 200 plus articles is a wealth of Kyusho Jitsu - Pressure Point information. 

Read them all!

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Deadly Back Pressure Points - Learn the Top 3 Most Dangerous!
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