The Heart Meridian – Important Pressure Point Study

* The Heart Meridian

The Heart Meridian: Today I am going to begin a series of articles that will focus the different acupuncture / Kyusho Jitsu meridians of the human body.

Back some time ago I did an article on the Triple Warmer Meridian, as well as wrote a book called Mastering Triple Warmer Meridian.

I will not be writing a book on the Heart Meridian as its properties, unlike Triple Warmer, are pretty straight forward. 

The Heart Meridian we will discuss, is the primary meridian of the heart energy system. Heart 2 which is better known in Kyusho Jitsu terms is Pericardium Meridian is the second of the 2 meridians. I will go over this meridian in a later article. 

Heart 1 begins in the armpit and travels down the inner or YIN aspect of the arm and terminates at the end of the pinky finger. You can see the path clearly in the illustration.

* Best Combat Pressure Points

Heart Meridian EPS

The EPS of the meridian is as follows. I am providing a lot of links to other articles in the article to make sure that everything is very clear to you. 

The energy is leaving the body in the Heart Meridian. This ties into the 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle.

Important Pressure Points on the Heart Meridian

There are several very important pressure points on the meridian when it comes to the destructive side known as Kyusho Jitsu. Healing aspects are much more involved. I have a course on Pressure Point healing, and also a book on the 5 Element Theory if you would like more information. 

Here is a listing of the 3 Heart Pressure Points I consider to be the most powerful and important in the study of pressure points.

  1. Pressure Point HT-01
  2. New Article on Pressure Point HT-02
  3. HT-03

And once again I am providing links to detailed articles on these pressure points. At a later date I will write an article on HT-02 and link it back here.

The effects of striking a pressure point on the Heart Meridian will vary. Often times students believe that there will be an immediate and direct effect on the heart, however this is much more involved that it appears. One thing to remember is the 12 meridians of the body are a circulatory system like blood flow. And the health of the body comes from this system being in balance. 

If the system becomes out of balance with a strike there can be immediate results like a knockout, sever pain and the inability to use the part of the body struck. An expert can cause delayed results like with Dim Mak.

In Conclusion of the Heart Meridian

Heart Meridian CONCLUSION

In a sense I am giving you in this new series of articles information like found in my Online Encyclopedia of Kyusho Jitsu.

I do strongly suggest reading all the related articles to this and other articles on the meridian system of the body.If you have any questions please use the form below. I will respond via email to all questions.

Thank you for reading this article on the Heart Meridian.


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