Pressure Point HT-03

Pressure Point HT-03

* Pressure Point HT-03

It has been a while since I did an article on a specific pressure point. Last week a coaching student asked me about Pressure Point HT-03  so I decide it was time to address this very dangerous pressure point in more details. So here we go!

Warning! Pressure Point HT-03 is Extremely Dangerous.

Location and Effects

Found best when the elbow is flexed, the pressure point is located at the medial end of the Transverse Cubital Fossa [crease]. In the depression anterior to the medial epicondyle of the
, in the Pronator Teres and the Brachialis Muscles

* Pressure Point HT-03

There are many different effects from striking HT-03. And this is such a dangerous pressure point I suggest to not practice using it with any power at all! And if you do then healing MUST BE DONE immediately!

Striking Pressure Point HT-03 can stop the heart. Not a delayed death touch either but immediately stopping the heart.

This pressure point is a water and seas pressure point that when attacked can also do damage to the tension in the area affecting the nervous system permanently. 

A strike also unbalances the Yin/Yang balance in the body. If not healed this will cause the appearance of premature aging. The person who is 30 can look like they are 50! 

When needed in self defense it can be combined with any chi strike, like ST-05 to end any altercation. Striking HT-03 straight in will cause the heart to weaken. This assumes a direct hit to the pressure point. Now if you hit only the areas of activation the blood pressure will skyrocket damaging the heart, especially if there is a pre existing condition.  Different striking actions will give different effects. 

In Conclusion

* Pressure Point HT-03 CONCLUSION

The study of all the pressure points of the body is a great journey.

I suggest searching this website for the dozens of other articles like this one. There is a wealth of free information here that you will find nowhere else!

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Pressure Point HT-03 - Warning! Pressure Point is Extremely Dangerous
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Pressure Point HT-03 - Warning! Pressure Point is Extremely Dangerous
Learn about Pressure Point HT-03 - Warning! This Pressure Point is Extremely Dangerous and should not be used in regular training!
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