New Martial Art Paradigm – It’s Time to go Full Circle

* New Martial Art Paradigm

New Martial Art Paradigm: The martial art world has changed a lot since I first began. And I am going to be honest today not in good way.

There are still some great teachers out there. But I believe that the arts has become about BODY only. It has lost its higher purpose because of commercialization.

I am not against commercialization, it does not mean you have to sell out. But a lot of people have sold out. We need a New Martial Art Paradigm. Time to go back full circle to our beginnings.

New Martial Art Paradigm

Now I am going to say something on commercialization first. I am very PRO free market. I am NOT in any way, shape or form a socialist. The ideology is a failure.

The problem today is programming. People have been programmed to consume not out of need, but for consumption sake.

That is GREED and a failure. If you do not believe me next time you are out at a restaurant watch people eat. It is enlightening! 

I have been so very lucky in my life to have met some great martial artists. 

Men like Steve Stewart,  Leon Jay, Ken SmithGeorge Dillman, Richard Buchan, Nimr Hassan, Philip Hollohan to name just a few, who wanted to SHARE their knowledge for a greater purpose. But many other I have met are full of EGO, greed, envy and everyone of the 7 deadly sins. These men understood the idea of a New Martial Art Paradigm.

New Martial Art Paradigm - Loss of Values

One man, who was once a world class fighter bragged how he was going to put "mason" out of business. He lied, was unethical and a back stabber. He teacher and I are good friends, this clown betrayed him because of his massive ego. 

The problem is that this is not uncommon. The WORST thing that happened to the martial arts world is SPORT.  The idea of competition is not bad. But the western culture has a proclivity to become OBSESSED with things. Like I stated about eating. I eat to live, I do not live to eat. 

And sadly, we see these sins when the founder or head of an art form dies. What immediately comes to mind for me is the death of Professor Edmond Parker. The behavior as various people fought for control of what Parker created was sad. Fighting, back stabbing, not trying to further his amazing linage put political power grabs like we see in the entire world today. We do not learn from history which is one of the reasons for the coming of the Death of the Western Culture.

New Martial Art Paradigm - Great Men

There are great men in American Kenpo today, like Grand Master Stewart, and his teacher the late Frank Trejo. Thanks to GM Stewart I got to meet and develop a friendship with GM Trejo. He was a great man and I loved him very much. He was always willing to sit and talk, exchange stories. I did not get to really every train with him, but thanks to GM Stewart I got to know the man.

He was never egotistical, and always ready to help. And I say again today we need a New Martial Art Paradigm. WE need to go back to the values of old, back to what the great grand masters taught. A way of life.

Back in 2003 I met Grand Master Joon Rhee in Florida at a conference. I was walking in this massive hotel lobby when I saw GM Rhee and his family on the Terrence eating dinner. It was Rhee's 70th birthday. He caught me looking and called me over. I walked over, bowed and shook his hand.

He asked me to sit. So I did. He ordered me a coffee and I spent an amazing half hour with him and his family. We talked about how martial arts had lost its way. He asked me if my school had tenet and what they were. Grand Master was very happy with my answer. 

New Martial Art Paradigm - New Direction

GM Rhee said "martial arts without a code of honour, a code of vales is barbarianism. "  I agreed 100 percent with that statement. I sat front row at this session the next day. It was amazing what he had so say.

I always honor those who taught me.

We must move back to a state of balance, a place where we all still continue to learn. When we stop learning we die. I have seen so many martial arts masters who believe they have all the answers when no does. I am once again beginning a new learning process as I resume something I began in 2000. Study and incorporation of the art of Kosho Ryu.

I founded an art on 2006 and was ridiculed for doing so. But I did it for the right reasons. Not for self glory or rank. I did it because I had learned so much, and changed what I did so much it no longer resembled the art I started in. The art of the Peaceful Warrior, Hon Sang Me Sa Hapkido is that art form. We need a New Martial Art Paradigm!

New Martial Art Paradigm in Conclusion

New Martial Art Paradigm  CONCLUSION

New Martial Art Paradigm: I do not know what will become of the art I created with my boys. They are not interested in training any longer.

And that is OK because it is better to not do something, then to half do something.

When I am gone I do not know what will happen to it. Not that I plan on leaving any time soon. 

Perhaps it will die with me. I opened a Dojo to help other people and teach them about the vales I had learned. I hear a lot today the false idea of one person cannot change the world. But change begins one person at a time. If you have a moment please read my article on the World Budo Alliance blog called Bushido A Moral Education.

Thank you for reading New Martial Art Paradigm.

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Thank you for reading this article New Martial Art Paradigm. Not everyone will agree but it will not dissuade me from taking the arts back to a time where peace was the goal. 

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