Pressure Point Lockdowns. How to Take Full Control.

* Pressure Point Lockdowns

Today let's take a look at the Top 3 Pressure Point Lockdowns! What do I mean by lockdowns? Not the current dystopian BS lie reason we are seeing globally, but rather a way to shut the human body down quickly and effectively.  And these 3 pressure points work on every person I have every tried the on!

And very importantly these are easy strike pressure points you can add to your study right now. 

Pressure Point GB-31

This is one of my favorite Pressure Point Lockdowns. The Pressure Point GB-31 is located on the mid-line of the lateral aspect of the thigh, 7 cun above the transverse Popliteal Artery "crease." When a person is standing erect with hands by their sides, the pressure point is located where the tip of the middle finger touches the leg. 

When the pressure point is struck, usually with a blunt object like the knee the entire leg will go "dead." The pain is "off the charts" and the attacker will be unable to walk. A knockout is possible because a solid strike can break the femur and therefore cause serious injury including death do to potential internal bleeding. This is not probable however due to the curvature of the leg at this point. 

And using a small tool such as the heal or a big toe, placed dead on the pressure point can cause heart issues.

The reason is the swelling inside the leg, cause circulation issues in the leg. However this is very unlikely.

Therefore it is not considered a dangerous pressure point, but a Painful Pressure Point. However you will get a shutdown with the inability to walk. Pressure Point Lockdowns work.

Pressure Point KD-21

The second of the Pressure Point Lockdowns is KD-21. I love this pressure point! 

The location of Deadly Pressure Point KD-21 is 6 cun above the umbilicus, and 0.5 cun lateral to CV-14. This is an extremely dangerous point as it combines a serious shock to the life
force meridian.  The shock also is crossing over to CV-14 which in itself
is a very dangerous pressure point.

3 Crippling Leg Pressure Points GB-31
* Deadly Pressure Point KD-21

Correct striking of KD-21 will result in immediate heart stoppage that requires reverse CPR to be immediately administered, or a defibrillator unit to shock the heart back into action. 

Reverse CPR is covered in details in my Kyusho Home Study Course.

With a light tap this pressure point causes the diaphragm to spasm and the attacker to not be able to breath. Be cautious training with this one. On to the next of my Pressure Point Lockdowns.

Pressure Point LI-18

The final of the Top 3 Pressure Point Lockdowns I am discussing today is Pressure Point LI-18.  This pressure point is located one the lateral side of the neck, on the side of the Adam's apple. 

Almost dead center of the neck between the tendons, towards the from below the jawline. 

The correct angle and direction is straight across to the other side like an arrow. And of course always using 2 Way Action! This is also a great pressure point for use of the Ji Hand of Kyusho Jitsu! These ancient and "special" striking modalities are true game changers! 

Large Intestine 18

The resulting strike will have several different potential affects. All of which come with debilitating pain! So much pain that a strike can end a conflict instantly. 

A solid strike to Pressure Point Large Intestine 18 on one side will cause the person to drop down to their knees in pain.

The pain is very slow to dissipate, which allows time for escape in a self defense situation.  

Pressure Point Lockdowns - LI-18

A simple inward knife hand or "ridge" hand will accomplish this very well. Hit with enough force and using a tool that will penetrate deeper into the neck [Ji Hands] a strike will cause unconsciousness. This is due to the face that the neck is a major center of blood flow and nerves. As you can see from the diagram below this is the home of the Accessory Nerve, a branch of the Vagus Nerve.

As you can see from this diagram the nerve is responsible for protection of these arteries and veins and this is why Pressure Point Large Intestine 18 [LI-18] is a neurological knockout pressure point.

When you understand how these systems work, then you can increase your effectiveness in use of Kyusho Jitsu. Knowledge is power, but applied knowledge is a super power!

This is on of my personal favorite pressure point lockdowns.

Pressure Point Lockdowns in Conclusion

Pressure Point Lockdowns CONCLUSION

Pressure Point Lockdowns: Study of Kyusho Jitsu. the science of pressure point self defense is worth every moment you spend in study.

And there are other types of pressure points on the body also. Pressure Point can be a term used psychologically also.

Yes you can get a physiological affect with a physical attack. Learn more about this from my eBook Mastering Triple Warmer Meridian.

Update 09/16/21: I had an interesting comment in a group about this post. The IDIOT stated that "this is fine for school yard fight but in real life I have my gun." Now I am first going to state that every person who has ever made this kind of comment to me is usual a FAT, egotistical IDIOT.

So now why! This type of article addresses "low escalation altercations." You shoot someone in these circumstances it is called MURDER. Your stupid ass is going to prison for a very long time.

Second and most importantly. If you are not training daily with your firearm you are in deep trouble. Firearms require training just like martial arts do!

And finally for this genius.  Why do you think they teach the military hand to hand combat? The cemetery is full of egotistical idiots like this man.

Thank you for reading about Pressure Point Lockdowns. I hope you enjoyed this. And always remember self defense is an arsenal of different aspect, Pressure Point Lockdowns being one of them, not the only one. 

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