Martial Art of Escaping. Taking the High Ground

* Martial Art of Escaping

Martial Art of Escaping; Martial Arts is taught WRONG on purpose. The issue today is most martial arts teachers do not go past this and correct the teaching. They teach what are called reactionary martial arts. What I teaching is preparatory martial arts, the Martial Art of Escaping.

This is a complete art, the physical and the conceptual. The melding of the body to mind, and the mind to body.

Martial Art of Escaping

Harry  Houdini was the master of the art of escaping. He was not a magician, he was an escape artist. At the highest level the martial arts is no different, or it is supposed to be no different. But there are so many tough guys, so many massive egos this knowledge has been lost.

So many times I have heard moron's of the martial arts "talk" about how they would beat someone to death.


Spend the rest of you life in prison because you killed someone for throwing a  punch? Dude you are an IDIOT!

Sometimes but rarely lethal force is necessary. But that is rare.

The martial arts who teach  reactionary martial arts are creating failure in death defense, someone who does harm when not needed or someone who gets hurt when not needed. 

Today the modern world has an obsession with "sport." Today sport is no longer a disciple. Just look at the reprehensible behavior of "professional" athletes. The martial arts world is no different.  And today high level sports competitors behave like IDIOTS. Sorry if you do not like me saying this, the truth can hurt. And facts do not care about your feelings. 

I know of a "fight club" in Canada I would not recommend to anyone. The owner is completely unethical. He has even lied about "who" he has trained. (said he trained Ronda Rousey) We need a new paradigm in martial arts training. This is going back to the Martial Art of Escaping. 

Martial Art of Escaping - Scenario

You are minding your business and a man confronts you. Suddenly he throws a haymaker your way. Do overreact, block the punch, then execute several strikes, break a few ribs? Perhaps a chop to the throat and drop him. He made you angry, or hurt your feels perhaps a kick to make you point? 

What is the best case scenario here? Also what is the worst case scenario? Most of all what happens to you in the aftermath? Yes but you showed him right?

But what if as he was punching you simply moved. escaping from the punch because you understand the mechanics of movement, slipping out of his range of his "tunnel" vision. Now you are beside him, where he must regroup for the second punch (and there is always a second punch). You can escape now forcing him to follow or give up. Or move a second time respond to his motion and tapping KD-21 causing a spasm in his diaphragm. He goes to the ground gasping.

You had 2 choices, leave quickly or teach a lesson by winding the attacker.  

However lets go back the the first part. Your reacting, and blocking the punch. Odds are while you are executing your reactionary techniques the second punch came and dropped you. That is the reality of incomplete study and ego. Your need to train in the Martial Art of Escaping, you need to learn Kosho Shorie Ryu.

Martial Art of Escaping in Conclusion

Martial Art of Escaping CONCLUSION

I hope you see what I am talking about. I started my journey in Kosho in 2000. Everything my root art of Hapkido, of Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido is based on it being a preparatory martial arts, a Martial Art of Escaping.

I have been teaching Kosho, calling it simply Octagon, 2 for 2 decades. 

Now I am expanding my own learning and will be sharing this critical information. The face of martial arts needs to change. We need to go back to ethical practice, based on tenets not egos.  And why a wolf for the article? Wolves attack and defense based on natural movements, not ego. 

Learn about Kosho Core Concepts Series of Courses. Below I will leave you learning opportunities if you are interested. Thank you for reading Martial Art of Escaping.

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