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* Kyusho Power Vs Force

What do I mean by Kyusho Power Vs Force? And how does this apply to Kyusho Jitsu? Today in the martial arts world training has taken on a different meaning. Conditioning has become paramount, skill in my opinion is on the decline.

Sport martial art has taken over, with an obsession on battle, winning, and developing a killer body to do it! 

The problem is human nature when we are young makes us believe we are invincible. So all this goes on without a single thought of the end result.

If you want to see the end result you need to look no further then the body count in professional wrestling. MMA and sport martial arts will be there in a few more years. The body won't take it forever.

Kyusho Power Vs Force - Injuries HAPPEN

When you push the body hard non stop you are not creating power, you are instead forcing a result. There is a BIG difference! FORCE cannot be maintained, power, real power can be! When I was younger I training hard 2-3 hours per night, 6 days per week. Today my hips are shot, my knees are bad. Pain becomes a fact of life. Now there is nothing wrong with training hard. But "excessive" has a BIG price! And the massive addiction to pain killers is a big sight something is very WRONG.

Kyusho Power Vs Force.

You know I knew I would one day get old. But I did not think it would happen so fast!

I am so VERY THANKFUL I met Steve Stewart in 2001. Why? Because Kyusho Jitsu is a game changer when it comes to the CLOCK of life.

The great equalizer for growing old, injuries and training changes due to the preceding. 

With Steve Stewart. George Dillman and Louise St Jacques

He taught me how to develop POWER my using natural body mechanics, angles, pressure points and in the end wisdom. Therefore allowing me to improve with age, not regress like most people do. The seasons of life can not be avoided! But the effectiveness of your martial art can grow better with age like fine wine and whiskey. Kyusho Power Vs Force is very important to understand.

Kyusho Power Vs Force. The things Bruce Lee Taught

I find the life of Bruce Lee to be in many ways an inspiration to the martial arts. He showed size did not matter, that the style did not matter.  Yet somehow in the modern world those words are lost. I guess that is true of any prophetic person like Lee.

Bruce Lee understood the value of pressure point study and training. This is why he pushed George Dillman to pursue it. 

Kyusho Power Vs Force in Conclusion

Kyusho Power Vs Force CONCLUSION

When you are finished beating on the heavy bad, kick target pads, dieting using hopefully not, but possibly using dangerous drugs to improve your performance remember, then an education in the science of pressure point self defense awaits you. 

Thank you for reading Kyusho Power Vs Force.

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