5 Kyusho Jitsu Success Secrets


Top 5 Kyusho Jitsu Success Secrets

* Kyusho Jitsu Success Secrets

How would you like to unlock 5 Kyusho Jitsu Success Secrets right now? There are reasons the master are so good, while others struggle to get things to work. So today I am going to give you 5 Kyusho Jitsu Success Secrets!

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5 Kyusho Jitsu Success Secrets #1

Kyusho Jitsu Success Secrets

Two Way Action - Fulcrum / Lever Activation

Two Way Action!  If you do not use, and understand Two Way Action then nothing in Kyusho will work for you!  But from what I see with most martial artists they have no clue what I am talking about. 

There is a GREAT misunderstanding today about what power is, and what force is. When you are punching and kicking a heavy bag you are not creating power. You are learning about force. ​"Kick/punch harder" is the mantra of the new generation of martial artist.

But this is NOT effective! And the PROOF is in the MMA ring, where the fights keep going on and on.  The ​understanding of POWER would end these battles in seconds.

Here is a video that explains Two Way Action

5 Kyusho Jitsu Success Secrets #2

Angle and Direction. You need to know the correct angle and direction of the pressure point you wish to activate! Now the angle is easy, it is ALWAYS at a 45 degree. And using Two Way Action will give you that 45 degree angle!

How do you do this? Study specific pressure points that you would like to work with and learn everything you need to know about each one. 

5 Kyusho Jitsu Success Secrets #3

Body Mechanics. This has a relationship to the concept of Two Way Action and is just as important because it is needed to create power. And to create power while keeping balance! 

Here is another short video with some information on 

Body Mechanics.

5 Kyusho Jitsu Success Secrets #4

Emotions. This is the hardest of the secrets to implement, but one of the most important! Now I am NOT talking here about the principle of attack using the cycle of emotions. I am referring to controlling your emotional response to the situation! In other words not taking the attack PERSONALLY

This is so common today! Everyone wishes to play victim and feel violated. STOP THIS. Yes it is hard! But it puts you in total control of the theories of Yin-Yang

5 Kyusho Jitsu Success Secrets #5

During a Kyusho Class in Canada the students are doing the work!

I will often see in seminars halfhearted attempts at training. If you don't do the work you will not get the results! PERIOD.

You gotta do the work. Today there is an instant gratification mentality and there is no such thing as instant anything. You gotta do the study, take the notes, train what you learn on the Dojo floor and FAIL. 

In Conclusion

5 Kyusho Kyusho Jitsu Success Secrets  CONCLUSION

Failure is the road to success as long as you learn from it!

Really these secrets are just common sense! But wisdom is really only extraordinary common sense.

Thank you for taking the time to read! If you have any questions please feel free to ask here.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Kyusho Jitsu Success Secrets - Discover the Top 5 Success Secrets
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